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""PLEASE NOTE: The open enrollment period for 2017 in Massachusetts is now closed.

In Massachusetts, all residents who are 18 or older are required to have health insurance.

The open enrollment period to buy health insurance in the state for 2018 will start on Nov. 1. 2017 and run through Jan. 31, 2018. If you and your family need to choose a health insurance plan or make changes to your current one, this is your chance to find the right coverage.

The Executive Office of Health and Human Services (HHS) can help guide you on how to choose and apply for an insurance plan and some of the specialized programs that are available.

Choosing a Health Care Plan with the Massachusetts Health Connector

You have lots of health care and insurance coverage options in the Bay State.

The Massachusetts Health Connector is an online marketplace that can help you find health and dental coverage that meets state and national standards. You can compare and filter plans based on price, carrier, and coverage level. You can also find out if you’re eligible to get help paying for your insurance.

After you apply for health care coverage online by creating an account and completing the application, you can find a plan that suits you and your needs. On the portal, you can use the Health Connector Getting Started Guide to find out what documents you need to apply, who you can include on your plan, and what to expect during the application process.

If you already have coverage through the Health Connector, Open Enrollment is the time to stop, shop, and enroll.

  • Stop — Make sure the information in your account is updated and accurate.
  • Shop — Ensure you’re in the best plan for next year.
  • Enroll — Make your premium payment — which may be lower than what you pay now — for next year.

Not sure where to start? You can search for local enrollment assisters to help you choose the right plan. They can also answer questions about eligibility, payment options, new health care laws, and more.

Special Health Care Programs

Massachusetts offers some special health care programs to help support certain groups.

  • MassHealth MassHealth helps provide health care to low- and moderate-income families, children, seniors, and people with disabilities by offering certain benefits or paying some or all of your health insurance premiums. You can apply for MassHealth by filling out the application that matches your needs.

There are also other health care programs and services for families with children who have special health care needs or a disability, families who have lost coverage due to death or divorce, and others in certain circumstances.

After the open enrollment period closes on Jan. 31, you won’t be able to change or update your health insurance plan unless you experience a qualifying event, like losing coverage through your job, getting married, or having a child. Don’t miss this chance to find the right health care plan!

Still have questions about getting health insurance in Massachusetts? Comment below or tweet us @MassGov.

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