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“Operation Tech Trap” Posted on May 23

“Operation Tech Trap"

  For most of us, our computers are a central part of our everyday life. So when tech support calls and informs you there is a problem with your computer, it’s only natural to follow their directions to ensure important documents, precious photographs, and your   …Continue Reading “Operation Tech Trap”

Making the Cut Posted on May 18

Making the Cut

  Prom and graduation are around the corner, so many consumers will be rushing to salons to look flawless for their big day. Whether you’re interested in a new hairdo or getting a manicure, it is important to ensure that treatments are performed by licensed   …Continue Reading Making the Cut

DeVry University Refunds Posted on May 16

DeVry University Refunds

  Thousands of students who attended DeVry University will receive refund checks as a result of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over deceptive advertisements. Due to false ads claiming high employment success rates and income levels after graduation, the FTC announced that   …Continue Reading DeVry University Refunds

Facebook Coupon Scam Posted on May 9

Facebook Coupon Scam

  Digital coupons often pop-up on Facebook. Usually utilizing big chains stores, consumers are lured with a coupon offering amazing deals such as 50 percent off everything, or $100 off any purchase. But shoppers must be wary because these coupons are usually scams aimed at   …Continue Reading Facebook Coupon Scam

Google Phishing Scam Posted on May 8

Google Phishing Scam

  The unusual worm that landed in the mailboxes of Google’s Gmail users last week was a sophisticated identity phishing scam that quickly spread to various other contacts. Scammers were able to get users to open a malicious link using one the oldest tricks in   …Continue Reading Google Phishing Scam

“You’ve Got Mail-Scams” Posted on May 5

“You’ve Got Mail-Scams”

  As of February, Verizon discontinued providing Verizon.Net email service. The company partnered with AOL and gave their customers 30 days to choose one of three options: switch over to AOL, transfer their email to a different provider (such as Gmail or Hotmail) or do   …Continue Reading “You’ve Got Mail-Scams”

PayPal Phishing Scam Posted on May 3

PayPal Phishing Scam

  The Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation is warning consumers of a new PayPal phishing scam. Fraudsters are sending out convincing, sophisticated e-mails which feature the PayPal logo and fine print at the bottom to further the appearance of being legitimate. The message   …Continue Reading PayPal Phishing Scam

Watch Out for the Fake Airbnb! Posted on May 1

Watch Out for the Fake Airbnb!

  As scammers continue to progressively become more tech-savvy with the execution of their scams, consumers have to be on-guard more than ever in order to spot their sophisticated tricks. One popular scheme to be on the lookout for is the fake Airbnb website, set-up   …Continue Reading Watch Out for the Fake Airbnb!

Internet Privacy Posted on Apr 28

Internet Privacy

  Legislation recently signed by the President repeals rules created by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that would have required internet service providers (ISPs), such as Comcast, Charter, and Verizon, to receive permission before collecting your data. Proponents of the bill say the FCC’s definition   …Continue Reading Internet Privacy

Work-at-Home Scams Posted on Apr 27

Work-at-Home Scams

  It’s only natural that so many people enjoy working at home. Making your own hours, working in a comfortable setting and being your own boss can seem appealing to almost anyone, which might explain why in 2015 24 per cent of employed people did   …Continue Reading Work-at-Home Scams