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Halloween season with all its spooky and scary glory is right around the corner! Despite all the fun that arises on Halloween night, taking safety precautions for both adults and children is important for a stress-free experience! Our tips and tricks below are the perfect treats for all.

1. Avoid potentially dangerous costumes or clothing. Before dressing up your family, you may want to review the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recall notices. When purchasing costumes, masks, wigs, or other scary threads consider flame-resistant fabrics such as nylon or polyester, or look for the “Flame Resistant” label.

2. Check all candy your children receive. After a night of trick-or-treating examine the candy found in your little ghost’s candy basket. In Massachusetts medical and recreational cannabis are legal, keep an eye out for treats that may be laced with THC or marijuana.

3. Be sensitive of trick-or-treaters with food allergies. If you’re passing out candy, be aware of what allergens the candy you’re passing out may contain and consider having non-food items available to hand out as well. If you’re a chaperone, make a list of your child’s allergens and carry emergency-response medications or injections if needed.

4. Avoid dark and isolated streets. Carry a flashlight to guide dimly-lit paths.

5. Review your home’s insurance policy to determine whether you’re protected from accidents that may occur from decorative lights. It is best to keep extension cords to a minimum in order to prevent safety and fire hazards.

We hope that you have a fun, safe, and smooth Halloween celebration!


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