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Water-Smart Energy Posted on Aug 9

Water-Smart Energy

America has an energy problem. Many aging U.S. power plants are nearing the end of their operational lives. Following decades of reliance on fossil fuels, where do states turn next for their electric power – an issue magnified by the looming threat of global climate   …Continue Reading Water-Smart Energy

Celebrating the Vision – Five Years of Clean Energy Posted on Aug 2

Celebrating the Vision – Five Years of Clean Energy

On Wednesday, July 24, state officials met at Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA) to celebrate and reaffirm a clean energy “vision.” It seemed a fitting location: the nearby wind turbine served as a visual reminder of MMA’s dedication to greening its campus. And the crowd could   …Continue Reading Celebrating the Vision – Five Years of Clean Energy

Clean Energy Hack for Good Posted on Jul 30

Clean Energy Hack for Good

Have an idea for a clean energy app to make a clean energy improvement happen through a smartphone, the web, tablets, even desktop computers? Let me know ─ because it might just get done. There is rock star technical and design talent ready to “improve the   …Continue Reading Clean Energy Hack for Good

Solarize Mass – Northampton Meets the Installer Posted on Jul 24

Solarize Mass –  Northampton Meets the Installer

On the evening of Thursday, June 13th, Northampton residents gathered together to meet the company to participate in the Solarize Mass Northampton program that runs through September 30th. Real Goods Solar was selected through a competitive process by a committee made up of MassCEC, DOER,   …Continue Reading Solarize Mass – Northampton Meets the Installer

Massachusetts Clean Tech at the Top Posted on Jun 17

Last week Massachusetts was ranked No. 2 in the nation for clean tech in Clean Edge Inc.’s 2013 Clean Tech Leadership Index, joining the numerous other accolades the state has been racking up in recognition of the enormous strides we have made in staking a claim towards global leadership in clean technology.

Massachusetts Schools Honored for Energy, Sustainability Achievements Posted on Jun 12

On Wednesday, June 5, the Massachusetts National Energy Education Development (NEED) Youth Awards ceremony was held in the State House. Seven schools, one district and one exceptional student were chosen for their efforts towards environmental sustainability and community outreach.

New Opportunities for K-12 Energy Education in Massachusetts Posted on May 26

DOER intern developed content for a new website that is a tool for Massachusetts educators to explore clean energy concepts as a way to bring math and science lessons together in a stimulating, engaging context.

Cities & Towns at the Forefront of Massachusetts Energy Leadership Posted on May 9

Local leadership — cities and towns — has been central to Massachusetts’ success in clean energy; particularly energy efficiency and solar photovoltaics.

Red Sox Pitch In to Combat Climate Change on Earth Day Posted on Apr 22

Red Sox Pitch In to Combat Climate Change on Earth Day

The Boston Red Sox purchased Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to offset the greenhouse gas emissions from this year’s Earth Day game.

Massachusetts Oysters Go Solar Posted on Mar 27

Massachusetts Oysters Go Solar

As aquaculture continues to expand here in the Commonwealth, aquaculturalists using traditional land-tied technology have often found themselves competing for space with other commercial and recreational uses of littoral waters. This new and improved FLUPSY, now free from a shore-based energy source, allows siting of shellfish nurseries in more remote, less controversial areas.