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Simple Fix’ Projects Will Save Commonwealth $159,000 in Annual Energy Costs

NEWBURYPORT– December 16, 2016– The Baker-Polito Administration today announced the completion of an energy efficiency project at the Plum Island Shellfish Purification Plant and 23 additional “simple fix” efficiency projects at state facilities in Greater Boston and the Northeast that will reduce the Commonwealth’s annual energy costs by $159,000. These ‘Simple Fix’ projects, which take place at smaller sites and which are completed in a relatively short-time frame, are among hundreds of projects that make up the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance’s (DCAMM) efforts to implement efficiency measures at virtually all state properties. The interagency energy and cost-saving initiative is targeting energy efficiency efforts at 700 sites statewide, with Simple Fix projects comprising over two-thirds of the total number of sites.

“The Simple Fix initiative brings together commonsense solutions from across state government for the benefit of all taxpayers and ratepayers,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “The Commonwealth is a national leader in energy efficiency and clean energy innovation and our administration is committed to ensuring that Massachusetts takes full advantage of the cost and energy savings currently available.”

“Massachusetts’ state agencies continue to lead by example by adopting clean energy innovations and building practices that support our goal of reducing energy costs, usage, and emissions,”  Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito. “By making simple changes to our state facilities, ratepayers and taxpayers are able to realize substantial savings that allow our agencies to reinvest in essential programs and functions.”

The 24 completed projects received over $230,000 in utility incentives, in addition to a $1.07 million investment by the Commonwealth, with the energy savings surpassing total investment in seven years. The completed projects included measures such as efficient light bulbs and lighting controls, programmable thermostats, insulation and air sealing, water conservation fixtures, and many more. The projects are projected to reduce electricity consumption by more than 865,000kWh annually, equivalent to the electricity use of 114 Massachusetts homes. The Department of Energy Resources, through its Leading by Example Program, is supporting DCAMM’s efforts though technical advice and, in some cases like the Shellfish Purification Plant project, with direct funding for technical studies and project implementation.

“The investment in the Plum Island Shellfish Purification Plant and additional smaller facilities across Massachusetts is representative of the Baker-Polito Administration’s commitment to ensuring that all state facilities are operating as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible,” said Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton. “The interagency cooperation that is a cornerstone of this initiative will allow our environmental agencies to invest their precious resources in conservation and recreation, instead of energy costs.”

“By working across state government, DOER and our partners have been able to dramatically increase the integration of clean energy and energy efficiency innovations at state facilities, saving taxpayers and ratepayers millions,”  Department of Energy Resources (DOER) Commissioner Judith Judson. “The Baker-Polito Administration is committed to giving state agencies the tools they need to help secure a clean energy future for the Commonwealth.”

“The Simple Fix program does just what its name implies: it allows DCAMM to make low-cost, high-impact investments in some of the Commonwealth’s smaller facilities, particularly ones that have environmental and recreational uses,” saidDivision of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) Commissioner Carol Gladstone. “This is consistent with the Baker-Polito Administration’s capital investment strategy of modernizing our existing assets.”

The 24 Simple Fix projects include sites in Boston, Brookline, Danvers, Dover, Lawrence, Malden, Nahant, Newburyport, North Reading, Quincy, Revere, and Waltham. Simple Fix projects utilize utility-approved vendors, with streamlined contracting and approval processes, resulting in faster implementation of energy measures.  These regional energy projects took place at rinks, pools, and maintenance facilities, downtown Boston office buildings and a state lab facility. Additional information on the projects can be found here pdf format of 24 NE MA Simple Fix State Energy Efficiency Projects


Site Town Estimated Annual Savings Energy Efficiency Measures
McCormack State Building 9th Floor Boston $571.00 Lighting
Hurley Building Boston $8,107.00 Lighting
Eliot House Revere $1,160.00 Lighting, sensors and programmable thermostats
Maudslay State Park Newburyport $5,425.00 Lighting, sensors, and programmable thermostats
Middlesex Fells Reservation Malden $2,546.00 Lighting , sensors and programmable thermostats
Nahant Division Maint. Facility Nahant $5,538.00 Lighting and programmable thermostats
Revere Beach Reservation Revere $1,190.00 Lighting
Old Colony Div. Maint. Facility Boston $8,920.00 Lighting , sensors and programmable thermostats
Constitution Beach Boston $8,015.00 Lighting and sensors
Olsen Memorial Pool Boston $2,053.00 Lighting, sensors and VFDs
Southwest Corridor Park Boston $7,759.00 Lighting, sensors and windows
Veterans Rink Waltham $15,009.00 Lighting, sensors, vending misers and VFDs
Lawrence Heritage State Park Lawrence $8,500.00 Lighting , sensors and programmable thermostats
DEP Wall Environmental Research Lab Lawrence $28,294.00 Lighting, lighting controls
Amelia Earhart Dam Boston $5,048.00 Lighting, EMS, Domestic Water
Elm Bank Reservation Dover $13,014.00 Lighting, lighting controls, domestic water, VFD’s
Plum Island Shellfish Purification Plant Newburyport $4,124.00 Boilers, HVAC
Daly Memorial Rink Brighton $7,649.00 Lighting
Shea Memorial Rink Quincy $6,694.00 Lighting
Paul Cronin Memorial Rink Revere $9,348.00 Lighting
West Roxbury Choice Housing Brookline $2,129.00 Lighting, EMS, insulation, weatherstripping, HVAC
Choice Housing Brookline Brookline $2,248.00 Lighting, domestic water, insulation, weatherstripping
LGR Region III Danvers Danvers $4,741.00 Lighting, insulation, weatherstripping
LGR Region III North Reading North Reading $1,869.00 Lighting, domestic water, insulation, weatherstripping


The Shellfish Purification Plant supports the depuration, or cleaning and purification, of shellfish collected in Northeast Massachusetts for shellfish farmers and diggers from the Boston Harbor to the Merrimack River. This plant is critically important to the local shellfish industry as it ensures quality control and food safety for the industry. In addition to reducing energy use and costs, the $88,735 investment in the Shellfish facility for heating and cooling equipment will also reduce time and resources spent on maintenance and will improve the facility’s ability to control temperature, eliminating temperature spikes that had adversely affected the performance of temperature-sensitive lab equipment previously.

“We are pleased to get the financial support and expertise of the Department of Energy Resources and Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance as we implement sustainable improvements here at the Division of Marine Fisheries Shellfish Purification Plant and our other facilities in the Commonwealth,” said Department of Fish and Game Commissioner George N. Peterson, Jr. “These projects are good for our employees and the environment, and in the long run save taxpayers’ money.”

“Energy efficiency is an important component to ensuring the state park system continues to be operated successfully,” said Department of Conservation and Recreation Commissioner Leo Roy. “The ‘Simple Fix’ initiative is an excellent example of the Baker-Polito Administration’s dedication to not only capturing valuable savings, but also reducing the Commonwealth’s carbon footprint,”

At Plum Island, the installation of highly efficient cold climate air source heat pumps and the replacement of an oil boiler with cleaner burning propane, eliminated 100 percent of fuel oil use, or over 1,800 gallons annually and will reduce the facility’s Greenhouse gas emissions by 37 percent. The Department of Energy Resources provided a $44,058 Leading by Example Renewable Thermal grant to support the heat pump portion of the project that will allow for more targeted heating and cooling in the office and lab spaces, with DCAMM and DFG providing the remaining funds to complete the project.

“I greatly appreciate the Baker-Polito Administration’s commitment to energy efficiency which is critical not just for the environment, but for the Commonwealth’s bottom line as well,” said State Senator Kathleen O’Connor Ives (D-Newburyport).  “The Plum Island Shellfish Purification Plant has boosted the shellfish industry in Massachusetts for decades, generating $4.6 million in revenue for the state annually, and the energy upgrades at the facility will have a positive impact on the local businesses that utilize the plant.”

“The Plum Island Shellfish Purification plant is one of only a few publicly-run shellfish purifications plants in the country,” said State Representative James Kelcourse (R-Amesbury). “We are very lucky to have it in our backyard, and appreciative the Baker-Polito Administration is investing in this facility to make it more energy efficient.”

In addition to the 24 Northeast Massachusetts Simple Fix projects completed as of this month, another 22 DCAMM Simple Fix projects, from Wareham to Williamstown, have been completed since June of this year. In total, these 46 projects will save an estimated $263,000 in energy costs each year and reduce electricity consumption by over 1.3 million kWh, equivalent to the electricity use of 180 Massachusetts homes. To date, 180 of 472 Simple Fix projects have been completed statewide.

The simple fix and broader energy efficiency projects are part of the Baker-Polito Administration’s overall efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of state government operations. Through the Leading by Example program, state facilities have reduced heating oil consumption 78%, or 18 million gallons since 2006, reduced energy use by square foot by 14% since 2004, increased the amount of installed solar on state property from 100kW in 2007 to more than 14 MW in 2016, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions 26% since 2004.


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