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1:23 pm The Governor and Lt. Governor have left the Chamber. The Open House will begin at 1:30 at the Grand Staircase in the State House. This is free and open to the public.

1:21pm Governor Patrick and Lt. Governor Murray are making their way out of the House Chamber.

1:19pm Reverend Sarai Revera of the Christian Community Church is delivering the benediction. 

1:17 pm Governor Patrick completes his Second Inaugural Address.

1:17pm “In that same spirit of service and sacrifice, we embark on the journey of this second administration, humbled by the public trust, invigorated by the task, confident in our plans, committed to our responsibility to build a better Commonwealth, and certain that with optimism and effort, and the grace of God, our best days lie ahead.”

1:16pm Governor Patrick is discussing Project 351 and highlighting 8th graders from around the Commonwealth who will join the Governor in a day of service on Saturday.

1:15pm  What is at stake is the American Dream. It is worth fighting for, worth serving and sacrificing for. I say that not just as your Governor, but also as someone who has lived it. Make no mistake: for that reason, I will give everything I have to move this agenda forward. “

1:14pm “What will be remembered, what will last, is the light we let shine in our neighbor’s lives and in our Commonwealth. And in some fundamental way, that is all about service and sacrifice.”

1:13pm “To meet these responsibilities, I challenge us all to turn to each other, not on each other. Let us bring our passion not to scoring political points but to finding real solutions. Let us bear our generational responsibility together.”

1:11pm “More jobs. Stronger schools for all our children. Affordable health care. Safer neighborhoods. That’s the work of our second term. We cannot be satisfied – and I will not be satisfied — until we have done all we can in each of these areas. Only in this way will we bear our responsibility to leave this place better than we found it for our sake and for a generation yet to come.”  

1:09pm “We can’t be satisfied until children stop killing other children, until we have developed and implemented a comprehensive strategy for preventing youth violence, one that ends the despair felt by too many young people and the fear felt by everybody else. “

1:08pm And it means that we must change the way we pay for health care. So, we will file legislation in the coming weeks to address health care cost, including significant payment reform and simplification. This will be a challenge. There will be great debate and resistance to change. But working families, small and large businesses alike, and governments, too, need a solution – and they need it now. “

1:07pm “We will close the achievement gap in Massachusetts and continue to show leadership in public education. Being first in the Nation is a good start. But being first in the world is where we are headed.”

1:06pm “We can’t be satisfied until a great school is within reach of every young person in the Commonwealth. That means we must find the ways to invest in public schools, from early education to public universities, because young people get their chance now and don’t have the option to sit out their education until the recession is over.”  

1:05 pmWe have the tools to compete. We have the talent, the tradition of invention, the venture capital, the ideas. And so we will compete – for every job, in every industry, in every corner of the Commonwealth and the world.”

1:04pm “We must reduce the costs of doing business here, and make it easier for companies to hire people by removing unwarranted barriers, be they outdated regulations, escalating health insurance premiums, or limits on capital access for small businesses.”  

1:03 pm “And so the work of the second term looms before us. That means jobs to create, schools to strengthen, health care costs to reduce, and urban violence to end. Working together we have made progress on many of these fronts.”

1:02 pm “We must demand more of ourselves than rhetoric that divides us and leadership that kicks every tough decision down the road. We must demand more not just of our public leaders, but also of our private ones – and of ourselves as individual citizens. Generational responsibility belongs to all of us. Every one of us owes a debt to the future payable only by making the kinds of choices today that build a better, stronger Commonwealth for tomorrow.”

1:00pm “None of this is happening by accident. It’s happening because of the choices we made, the investments you, the Legislature and the people of the Commonwealth, have supported. This and more is happening because we didn’t just sit around and wait for better times. We are building a better future for all of us — by making better choices.”

12:57pm “So, just like families across the Commonwealth, we took a fresh look at our plan, stiffened our resolve, and made choices.”

12:56 pm “Times like these are more than a test of policy. They are a test of character. So, when the going got tough, we didn’t look for scapegoats or run for cover. We didn’t lose our temper or our way. Growing up in rough times and rough circumstances taught me not to just curl up and wait for better times. No, what I learned was that optimism and effort, hope and hard work, is the only way to climb out of a hole.”  

12:54pm Governor Deval Patrick begins his Inaugural Address.

12:53pm The Senate President introduces Governor Patrick.

12:52pm Lt. Governor finishes his speech.

12:52 pm “And today I ask the people of Massachusetts for their support, their good ideas, and to join us as we set upon this worthy task.”

12:51 pm “Throughout our history, in the boom times and in the difficult times, the people of Massachusetts have risen to this challenge. They have found a way to innovate, adapt and get the job done. And the compassion of the people of Massachusetts is expressed through the framework of their free and elected government, to provide for the common good.”

12:50pm It may not be glamorous, but it’s the every-day blocking and tackling that makes government more efficient and effective. And in this spirit, we’ve completed many important reforms around transportation, education, pensions and other matters over the past four years.”

12:49 pm Over the past four years, working with Governor Patrick, I’ve had the great privilege to lead our administration in several areas that focus on fundamental issues, like housing and homelessness. And whether it is making sure everyone in Massachusetts has a roof over their heads…or a safe and reliable transportation network…or safe communities and good schools for their children…what we strive to do is make government work better.”

12:45pm “Some will argue that government is the root of all of our problems. But I learned, long ago, that they are wrong. Our free and elected state government is and must be an expression of our worthy aspirations.” 

12:42pm Lt. Governor Timothy P. Murray begins his Inaugural Address.

12:39pm Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin is issuing a Joint proclamation certifying the election of the Governor and Lt. Governor.

12:37pm Lt. Governor Murray has completed his Oath of Office and is signing the Register.

12:36pm Lt. Governor Timothy P. Murray is at the podium. He begins his Oath of Office.

12:34pm Governor Patrick has completed his Oath of Office and has signed the Register.

12:34pm While the Senate President traditionally swears in the Governor, Senate President Therese Murray is the first woman in Massachusetts history to swear in a governor.

12:33pm First Lady Diane Patrick is holding the Bible as Governor Patrick is sworn in to his second term as the 71st Governor of Massachusetts. 

12:32pm Governor Patrick is at the podium. 

Governor Deval Patrick is taking the oath of office on the Mendi Bible, which was presented to John Quincy Adams by the African captives he helped free in the Amistad 1841 Supreme Court case. The Governor also used the Mendi Bible during his previous Inauguration.

12:26pm Each Governor’s Councilor signs the Oath Register. 

12:25pm Senate President Murray is swearing-in the Governor’s Council. 

12:21pm  Melanie Campbell is singing the National Anthem. Reverend Doctor Evan C. Hines of The Eliot Church of Roxbury will give the Invocation. 

12:19pm The ceremony is beginning with the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Rachel Casear, U.S. Army, of Dorchester; Christopher Brown, U.S. Air Force, of Westminster; Willie Van Ledbetter, U.S. Army, of Pittsfield; and Maria Oltjenbruns, U.S. Army, of Northampton. 

12:17pm Governor Patrick greets members of the General Court, Supreme Court and Constitutional Officers. 

12:15pm Sergeant-at-Arms announces the Governor. Governor Patrick enters the House Chamber. 

12:14pm Sergeant-at-Arms announces the Lt. Governor. Lt. Governor Murray enters the House Chamber and makes his way to the podium.   

12:13pm Governor Deval L. Patrick and Lt. Governor Timothy P. Murray have left the Executive Office, heading to the House Chamber.  

12:08pm The Governor’s Council is entering the House Chamber, led by the Sergeant Arms. 

12:02pm Families of the Governor and Lt. Governor have taken their seats in the House Gallery. 

The Governor will be joined at his Inauguration ceremony by his family, including First Lady Diane Patrick, and their youngest daughter Katherine.

Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray will be joined by his family, including his parents, his wife Tammy, and his two young daughters, Helen and Katerine.


11:53am The Senate has entered the House of Representative Chamber.  



We will begin posting updates as the Inauguration begins. You can also follow our tweets using the hashtag #inaugma.

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