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Tim Murray

Tim Murray

Lt. Governor, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray was a featured speaker at today’s Northeast Shingo Prize’s 2011 Annual Continuous Improvement Conference. The theme of this year’s conference was “Made Lean in America,” which focused on how Lean means creating employment opportunities at home: good jobs, a strong tax base and a brighter future. As a follow up to today’s conference, the Lt. Governor is sharing his remarks highlighting the state’s continued partnership with the private sector to support the manufacturing industry in Massachusetts.

Northeast Shingo Prize’s Manufacturing Conference

Thursday October 6, 2011


  • Good Afternoon.  Michael (Tamasi) thank you so much for the kind introduction.
  • Michael is a great contributor on the STEM Advisory Council which I chair, and I appreciate his insight, because I think we all recognize that science, technology, engineering, and math skills are critical to the workforce needs of the growing manufacturing industry in Massachusetts.
  • Here in Massachusetts we have so many great STEM educational projects and programming throughout our colleges, universities, non-profits, and business.  However these projects, which I like to refer to as 1000 acts of STEM, or Random Acts of STEM, so the STEM Advisory Council is currently focusing on supporting the best practices in the state to close the skills gap and train our students early.
  • As Michael mentioned, I visited his company earlier this year.  AccuRounds in Avon is a leading manufacturer of precision custom cylindrical components.  Their sales increased this past year by more than 50 percent over the 2009 numbers, and they are growing jobs right here in Massachusetts.
  • The Commonwealth has also provided AccuRounds and its sister-company Boston Centerless in Woburn with funding support and assistance to support lean manufacturing initiatives, supervisor development training, and other workforce development services.  These grants have not only helped AccuRounds and Boston Centerless receive the proper resources and training for their employees, but both companies have managed to retain and even grow their staff as they remain productive and competitive within the advanced manufacturing industry.
  • Massachusetts has a strong manufacturing legacy in precision manufacturing, information technology, aeronautics, plastics and textiles and is currently a leader in medical device manufacturing.  Massachusetts has seen growth in the manufacturing sector coming out of the recession and we currently employ over 250,000 workers in this sector.
  • And, it is no secret that manufacturing in Massachusetts today is not what it was generations ago.  What is a constant, however, is that whether it is fabricated metal, paper or aerospace, medical devices, alternative energy, information technology or a range of other sectors, manufacturing in Massachusetts is all about combining innovation with our highly skilled workforce to make high quality products that can compete anywhere in the world.
  • Since day one of taking office, Governor Patrick and I have been committed to investing in innovation, including the growth within this industry.  But we cannot, nor should not do it alone.
  • It’s the private sector that ultimately drives job growth.  I recall during my time as mayor and city councilor in Worcester, the times when the economy was at its best was when the public and private sectors partnered together.
  • We value the strength of creating public-private partnerships to leverage investments and job creation here in Massachusetts.  Since August 2010, Massachusetts has added 4,600 new manufacturing jobs, and I want to thank all of the business owners, executives, and support staff who truly worked hard to make this growth possible and have helped to drive our state’s economy forward.
  • Like AccuRounds, multiple companies across the Commonwealth are experiencing success and growth.
  • Just last week, our administration’s Economic Assistance Coordinating Council approved eight projects in the Economic Development Incentive Program (EDIP), seven of which were companies within the manufacturing industry.
  • Since EDIP has long provided companies with tax incentives to grow and do business in Massachusetts, our administration partnered with the legislature in 2009 to reform the program to better serve companies in need of these incentives.  In doing so, we have created a Manufacturing Retention Project component targeted to help existing Massachusetts manufacturers retain their current employment as they also grow their business.
  • Under the Manufacturing Retention Projects the state funded projects in Worcester, Leominster, Marlborough, North Brookfield, Warren, Westport, and two in Westfield.
  • After reforming EDIP to include the manufacturing component, we have assisted 36 manufacturing companies out of 67 projects approved since January 2010.  Together all projects have created 4,260 new jobs, retained 13,374 existing jobs and leveraged more than $2.6 billion in private investment.   And that’s what we want to continue to do.
  • The manufacturers in the EDIP program have received $27 million in tax credits, which has leveraged $548 million in in private investment, creating 1,806 new jobs and retaining 5,163 existing jobs.
  • And there is more good news on the horizon. Governor Patrick will join Gulfstream Aerospace, a subsidiary of General Dynamics Corporation, in Westfield tomorrow for an announcement to help advance Gulfstream’s potential to create a significant number of jobs and bring millions in private investment to the region.
  • This will also have positive implications for the entire supply chain and other manufacturers throughout New England.
  • Last week, the Governor was in Northampton to unveil the completion of Coca-Cola’s plant expansion, another project supported by the administration’s EDIP program. The project, which received financial support from the Patrick-Murray Administration and the City of Northampton, has already exceeded its goal to create 40 full-time jobs over five years with 100 new jobs already created and contributed more than $50 million in private investment to support its expansion and the Western Massachusetts community.
  • These types of targeted investments are part of an overall economic development strategy designed to speed Massachusetts’ economic recovery and position Massachusetts businesses in the whole Commonwealth for long-term growth and prosperity.
  • And we’re not done yet.
  • Our administration is focusing on areas to work in partnership with the private sector in support of the industry.  The advanced manufacturing agenda focuses on:
  • Improving Access to Capital
    • Building the Talent Pipeline  
    • Improving Access to Technical Assistance
    • Enhancing Manufacturing Competitiveness through Innovation
    • Expanding Market Opportunities through Exports and Supply-Chain
    • Easing the Cost of Doing Business; and
    • Promoting Manufacturing in Massachusetts and New England
  • We’re working to reduce the rise in healthcare insurance premiums for small-businesses, and have also reorganized state resources for small business lending and technical assistance by consolidating resources within the improved one-stop shop, the Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation.  The MGCC is an important tool for small businesses.  By working with the Associated Industries of Massachusetts, we have also launched a supply-chain expansion initiative,, which features thousands of products and services from every corner of the state available right here in Massachusetts.
  • We’re working to reduce the rise in healthcare insurance premiums for small-businesses, and have also reorganized state resources for small business lending and technical assistance by consolidating resources within the improved one-stop shop, the Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation.  The MGCC is an important tool for small businesses.  By working with the Associated Industries of Massachusetts, we have also launched a supply-chain expansion initiative,, which features thousands of products and services from every corner of the state available right here in Massachusetts.
  • The state’s major financing agencies – MassDevelopment and the Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation have combined to commit nearly $50 million dollars in financing to manufacturers over the past year.  These agencies, along with the Mass Office of Business Development, have committed almost half of all of their loans or awards to manufacturers.
  • Coming up this fall to follow the award of federal funding through the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment will soon use $600,000 in funding to accelerate export growth for Massachusetts manufacturers, in partnership with the Massachusetts Export Center.
  • Massachusetts was also selected by the National Governors Association to participate in a Policy Academy on Advanced Manufacturing with six other states from around the country (Illinois, New York, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Connecticut).  This will promote Massachusetts brand manufacturing.  This month we will use this opportunity to promote the Massachusetts brand for manufacturing as well as continue to learn how we can help manufacturers compete.
  • As we work in partnership with the private sector to better serve the needs of Massachusetts businesses, we are also making improvements within state government.  I have mentioned that we reformed the state’s economic development incentive program, and we are moving forward on an agenda focused on supporting the needs of the advanced manufacturing industry.  Governor Patrick has also charged the Cabinet Secretaries for Education, Housing and Economic Development, and Labor and Workforce Development with improving the coordination of their efforts to support the workforce development needs of businesses.  A focus area for that effort is improving manufacturing education statewide and ensuring a close connection between manufacturing education and parallel efforts to improve Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.
  • There is a soon to be hired State Director of Workforce Development who will work the Secretary of Housing and Economic Development, Secretary of Education, and Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development.
  • Not only will this position work across secretariats, but also all of the regional employment boards across the state.  Through this new position, we will continue to act more proactively.  Rather than waiting for the phone to ring, we continue to go out and meet with businesses so we can ensure their needs are better met.
  • Finally, as many of you know President Obama recently launched the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership.  This is an effort that brings industry, universities and the federal government together to invest in emerging technologies that will create high quality manufacturing jobs and enhance our global competitiveness.
  • This initiative will lead to investments that will build up efficient domestic manufacturing capabilities in critical industries.  We anticipate this will also lead to investments to expand robotics, energy efficiency, and new technologies.
  • President Susan Hockfield of MIT is one of the President’s top advisors on this issue and she has asked Secretary Bialecki to partner with her and plan a major regional meeting of President Obama’s Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, tentatively to be held later this year.  This will be an outstanding opportunity to highlight Massachusetts on a prominent stage.
  • So you can see that we have been busy in the last few years.  You have been busy too.  By working together, I know that even better days are ahead.
  • Massachusetts’ unemployment rate of 7.4 percent is well below the national average.  Massachusetts is also reporting another strong month for tax revenues with collections in September up $178 million, or nearly nine percent from this time last year… and of course, we won’t stop working until everyone looking for work finds work.
  • You have great partners in state government and I look forward to continuing to work with you to support, grow and expand the manufacturing industry in Massachusetts.



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