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Commissioner Scott Soares

Commissioner Scott Soares

Commissioner, Department of Agriculture Resources (DAR)

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Last month, I enjoyed a welcome alternative to the sometimes stressful end-of-year holiday hustle and bustle! A Christmas Tree Farm, and not a mall, is traditionally where the Commissioner of Agricultural Resources heads the day after Thanksgiving a.k.a. Black Friday. And so it was at Radebaugh Farm in Belchertown that I found myself November 26th to take part in the annual tree cutting ceremony to kick off the holiday season.

It had rained overnight and when I arrived I was greeted by the spectacularly fresh scent of Fraser Fir needles wafting on the chilly damp air. While there, I also had the pleasure of meeting the Murphy family and I think it’s fair to say that young Mr. Murphy was having a lot more fun picking out his MassGrown & Fresher Christmas tree than being inside a stuffy mall!

Did you know that there are over 200 Christmas tree farms in Massachusetts that are helping to preserve 5,000 acres of open space? Or that new trees are replanted each year and a green alternative to fake trees made with petroleum byproducts? From locally grown Christmas trees and poinsettias to turkeys, eggs, maple syrup, and more, getting to know a local farmer and enhancing your holidays with locally harvested products is a gift worth giving and receiving.

Find a fresh Christmas tree farm near you.

Information about how to find locally grown and produced holiday agricultural products.

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