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Anna Waclawiczek

Anna Waclawiczek

Chief of Staff, Department of Agricultural Resources (DAR)

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DAR’s farmers’ market coordinator David Webber stopped by the farmers’ market at Dewey Square across from South Station in Boston Thursday, June 3. Buzzing with lunchtime activity, the market was busy with office workers from nearby buildings picking up an array of fresh produce, flowers, baked goods, and locally made specialty foods.

David reported a good variety of seasonal crops for early June including asparagus, herbs, spinach, lettuce, radishes, assorted greens, garlic, greenhouse tomatoes, strawberries and more.

Greg Disterhoft, from Red Fire Farm in Granby, said, although it’s a bit dry, it’s been a great planting season and the warm spring resulted in early blooming for many crops, including strawberries, which were in abundant display.

Later on that afternoon, David spoke to Jeff Cole, executive director of the Federation of Massachusetts Farmers’ Markets. “Markets are off to a strong start,” said Jeff. “It’s very gratifying after last year’s dismal June weather. This year, crops are a couple weeks ahead of schedule.”

While many markets opened in May, lots more are opening over the next few weeks. A complete list of the more than 200 farmers’ markets in Massachusetts.

And don’t forget to vote for your favorite! This summer, American Farmland Trust is organizing the second‐annual contest for “America’s Favorite Farmers Markets.” This nationwide contest will give farmers market customers an opportunity to vote for their favorite markets and show support for their local food communities.

Cast a vote for your favorite market.

farmers' market at Dewey Square across from South Station in Boston

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