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Happy (Day After) Groundhog Day! Posted on Feb 3

Happy (Day After) Groundhog Day!

Cold weather inspiring you to hibernate? Ready for spring to come soon, preferably tomorrow? If you believe in superstition, Punxsutawney Phil, a groundhog from the town of Punxsutawney in Pennsylvania, has seen his shadow and revealed that we’re getting six more week of winter. But   …Continue Reading Happy (Day After) Groundhog Day!

Winter Boating and Hunting Tips Posted on Jan 23

Winter Boating and Hunting Tips

In light of recent cold water boating tragedies in the Commonwealth, and as we find ourselves in the midst of another cold snap, it’s important to remind boaters and hunters of some facts and tips for surviving the outdoors in frigid temperatures. Safe Boating in   …Continue Reading Winter Boating and Hunting Tips

Welcome the Snowy Owl Posted on Dec 19

Welcome the Snowy Owl

A wintry delight has found its way to Massachusetts by flight this winter. No, Santa’s sleigh has not arrived early and no, a big superstar has not landed at Logan Airport (that we know of).  An abundance of Snowy Owls have migrated to Massachusetts and   …Continue Reading Welcome the Snowy Owl

How To Become An Environmental Police Officer Posted on Oct 10

How To Become An Environmental Police Officer

If you love the outdoors and have an interest in activities like hunting and fishing,  , there is a career option that may be perfect for you. A Massachusetts Environmental Police Officer enforces all general laws of the Commonwealth that pertaining to the protection of natural   …Continue Reading How To Become An Environmental Police Officer