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Get outdoors this week to enjoy some great events happening across the state. At Revere Beach thisSandcastle Friday through Sunday, don’t miss the Revere Beach National Sand Sculpting Festival sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. Come enjoy the largest sand sculpting festival on the East Coast! Bring the whole family to observe amazing sculptures and enjoy a great day at the beach.

For more events in Greater Boston, visit Maudslay State Park in Newburyport this Friday at 10:00 a.m. for the Let’s Explore Nature program. This free program allows kids to join the park interpreter and explore the natural resource aspects of Maudslay State Park using nets, critter tanks and hand lenses. Each week offers a different theme to explore the fascinating life at the Park. Also at Maudslay this Saturday, come join the History Tour of the Estate Core at 2:30 p.m. The Mosley Family purchased this lovely piece of property and turned it into a regal, landscaped estate, complete with formal gardens and greenhouses. Come learn the history of this family, the resources that they preserved and the changes in the land over time.

Down on the South Shore, bring the family to Horseneck Beach State Reservation in Westport this Thursday for the Creature Feature program. Come learn about some of the creatures that live here at Horseneck Beach! Each week will feature a new topic for kids to discover. Families should meet at table set up at the end of Horseneck Beach boardwalk. This Sunday at Horseneck, bring a sense of adventure to the Gooseberry Island Program- Exploring the Tide at 10 a.m. Gooseberry Island is home to many plants and animals that live between the tides. This program allows participants to discover the creatures that live along the island’s edge.

In the central region, come visit the Wachusett Mountain State Reservation for some great programs this week. Join the Park Interpreter this Saturday at 2:00 p.m. on the A View from the Top summit tour. Find out what’s on the horizon, discover how the mountain came to be, learn about the buildings and summit pool that are here now and imagine what it would have been like when there was a summit house on top of the mountain. The tour involves an easy walk around the summit, though some ground is uneven and rocky. Also at Wachusett this Sunday at 3:00 p.m., come to check out the Talk about Rocks! Discover what the rocks can tell us about the history of Wachusett Mountain, like what events helped to shape this mountain? Why are there so many boulders? Can mountains change? Join the Park Interpreter for a guided hike on one of the several trails that highlight the geology of Wachusett Mountain.

Greylock_homeIn the western region, visit Mount Greylock State Reservation for the Thoreau on Greylock hike and interpretive program. Participants will hike the historic route of American naturalist and writer, Henry David Thoreau to the summit of Mount Greylock. Local writer Lauren Stevens will guide the hike with visits to actual locations and interpretations to his experience, as recorded in Thoreau’s account of this journey in A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers. The hike is strenuous, 11 miles round-trip with a one-way, 5.5 mile option will be available upon request.

Be sure to check out our events calendar for more upcoming events this and every week throughout the summer.

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