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Marion Larson

Marion Larson

Outreach Coordinator, MassWildlife

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It’s the height of the trout stocking season in the Bay State! Truckloads of trout have been netted out of state hatcheries and transported to lakes, ponds, rivers and streams in all parts of the state. Whether you use a fly rod or spinning rod, this is a terrific time to cast a line for trout. Over 540,000 feisty brook, brown, rainbow and tiger trout being stocked this spring for the benefit of recreational anglers. The Division of Fisheries and Wildlife will also stock 320,000 rainbow trout averaging 12 inches or longer. Nearly 78 percent of these rainbows will be 14 inches or larger. The division will also stock 47,000 brown trout averaging more then 12 inches along with another 115,000 browns in the 9 to 11 inch range. Brook trout will be stocked in a similar fashion with approximately 11,500 fish measuring a foot or better, and more than 66,000 in the 6 to 11 inch class. Anglers can also anticipate trying to tame some of the 6,000 tiger trout to be released, all topping the 14 inch mark. These handsome fish, a cross between a female brown trout and a male brook trout, have become popular with folks lucky enough to hook and land one. Each Friday, MassWildlife posts an update to the trout stocking schedule that shows what was stocked in the previous five days. Spring trout stocking activity will end just before Memorial Day weekend.

DFW biologist Bridgett McAlice and technician Mike Morrelly with a netful of fish from the truck to stock in the Quinapoxet River in West Boylston

The photo, taken by MassWildlife photographer Bill Byrne, shows DFW biologist Bridgett McAlice and technician Mike Morrelly with a netful of fish from the truck to stock in the Quinapoxet River in West Boylston.

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