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In late February, I went out with MassWildlife’s Angler Education Program Coordinator Jim Lagacy to learn how to ice fish (see video below).  Lagacy and I went to Lake Cochituate located in the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s (DCR) Cochituate State Park in Natick.  There, he showed me how to test for ice safety, set up a tip-up, and bait my own hook.  I wasn’t too keen on putting a shiner, or small bait fish, onto a hook, so I had Lagacy do it for me. 

Although it looks as if spring is fast approaching, there may still be places to ice fish. Check out the ponds and lakes map from MassWildlife for fishing spots, or contact the Angler Education Program for advice on fishing this late in the season.

Also, you can never be too careful when it comes to ice safety. MassWildlife put together a handy chart to determine ice safety.


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