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Massachusetts Agriculture Day Posted on Apr 4

Massachusetts Agriculture Day

  On Wednesday, March 26th, agriculture once again took center stage at the State House in Boston. Agriculture Day, also known as “Ag Day,” is the one day a year where farmers come together to focus legislative attention on agriculture.  The day is organized by   …Continue Reading Massachusetts Agriculture Day

Upside-Down Maple Pear Pancake Posted on Mar 14

Upside-Down Maple Pear Pancake

Maple syrup is not just for putting on your pancakes! With Maple Month officially here, enjoy this delicious recipe featuring one of nature’s finest sweeteners.  This recipe is courtesy of Chef Carolyn from Carolyn’s Farm Kitchen, one of the chef instructors who has joined Appleton   …Continue Reading Upside-Down Maple Pear Pancake

Butternut Stew with Pork and Spinach Posted on Feb 21

Butternut Stew with Pork and Spinach

This warm and comforting dish is perfect to come home to on a cold night. While this dish looks quite traditional at first glace, it’s got just the right amount of smoky heat from the chili and paprika. Butternut squash is a nutrient dense source   …Continue Reading Butternut Stew with Pork and Spinach

Seasonal Recipe: Mixed Berry Pie Posted on Dec 24

Seasonal Recipe: Mixed Berry Pie

Does the winter weather have you feeling the blues? Well cheer up, buttercup! We have something that may put you in a summery mood. Though berries are harvested through the summer and fall, we think of berries as more of a summer treat. So, let’s   …Continue Reading Seasonal Recipe: Mixed Berry Pie

Pumpkin Whoopee Pies Posted on Oct 30

  Apple-picking has been grand and all (if you didn’t get out to an orchard it’s not too late yet!) but instead of focusing our attention up in the trees, it might be time we turn our head down and see what the ground has   …Continue Reading Pumpkin Whoopee Pies