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Marion Larson

Marion Larson

Outreach Coordinator, MassWildlife

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Fox tracks winter

The snow that fell over much of the state last week was a reminder that winter is here. Snowfall creates a terrific opportunity to see wildlife tracks in your backyard, neighborhood, local parks or conservation areas. Tracks can tell some very interesting wildlife stories. One morning last week, I spotted tracks coming from the woods and into my yard. Hopping out of the car, I noted they were fox tracks that showed the animal had meandered around a few shrubs on a slope facing the house and doubled back—only this time in a few bounds. Perhaps a dog walker or a car had come by and frightened it back into the woods.

If you are new to wildlife tracking, there are individuals and groups in the state who offer workshops and recently the 2nd Annual Massachusetts Wildlife Trackers Conference was held in Leominster. Click here for information about how to contact the Massachusetts Wildlife Trackers.

You can also pick up a handy pocket-sized guide to Massachusetts animal tracks from the MassWildlife offices in Westborough or Boston or download the guide from the MassWildlife website

Take your family or friends tracking this winter!

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