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In my role as Government Innovation Officer (GIO), I have been charged with looking at how the various operations of the Commonwealth state government can be streamlined by leveraging innovations.

To begin, I went on a “listening tour” — speaking with a cross section of leaders across the various agencies in the Commonwealth.  My goal was to get an initial understanding of the mission of the organization, to hear the needs of that organization’s “customers,” and to understand where there might be “opportunities for innovation” and improvement.

I literally received hundreds of comments and suggestions from insightful leaders within the Commonwealth.  Distilled from that listening tour was the creation of a framework which articulated principles which should guide customer-facing activities. I called this framework the GIO’s 10 A’s.  You can learn more about the GIO’s 10 A’s by clicking here.

On a regular basis, this blog will publish articles which profile some of our innovation projects and learnings.  You will hear about “cool,” past innovative projects which are completed and are already providing value to the Commonwealth.  And you will hear about new projects, which will continue our progress in becoming a 10A Organization (i.e. an organization which operates excellently, in accord with the GIO’s 10A’s framework).

We are committed to continuously changing the way government does business by finding efficiencies and implementing current, innovative strategies from business and government leaders. Many of the initiatives you will read about here will save taxpayer dollars while improving access to critical services. Some of the articles will be written by me, while other articles will be written by leaders who are spearheading various innovative initiatives.

We will also periodically post articles on this blog about Commonwealth initiatives to attract and retain innovative individuals and businesses to the Commonwealth.  (In fact, you may notice that we have retained archived blog articles on this site which describe some of the Commonwealth’s previous innovation economic development activities.)

Our goal is to have you join us as a participant in our journey, as we foster Continuous Innovation for a More Productive Commonwealth.

We look forward to sharing with you as our journey unfolds.

Written By:

Government Innovation Officer

Antonio M. Parham (“Tony”) is an experienced executive, with a track record of leading high profile initiatives. He is a strategic planner and self-starter, proficient at business plan creation, partnership development, new venture creation, assembling high performance teams, managing extended virtual teams and program management. He is an insightful leader, strategic management consultant, digital marketing and e-business maven, executive coach, product manager, business partner liaison and charismatic public speaker.

As Government Innovation Officer (GIO) for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Tony advises the Governor, Secretary for Administration and Finance, executive branch leaders and other stakeholders on identifying, funding and managing execution of high impact business change projects. As the first chief innovation officer for the Commonwealth, the GIO is accountable for improving internal government efficiencies and for the improved experience of outside stakeholders such as residents, businesses and local governments.

Tony has 30-plus years’ experience of business and technology leadership across a wide range of business sizes, from startups to large enterprises. Educated at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and Master of Science Degree in Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management) and the University of Southern California (Master of Science Degree in Computer Science), his career has bridged the private, not-for-profit, and public sectors.


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