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MassDOT Innovation ButtonIn June 2009, Governor Deval Patrick signed Chapter 25 of the Acts of 2009, which consolidated several state offices into the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.  To streamline planning and promote performance management and innovation, MassDOT re-launched its Office of Performance Management and Innovation (OPM&I) in October 2011.



One of OPM&I’s first accomplishments was the introduction of an organization-wide innovation campaign.  Every quarter, employees suggest how MassDOT can improve daily operations, enhance customer service, save money, and work more efficiently. Senior managers implement the best ideas
and recognize their submitters. The campaign encourages employees to cultivate internal improvements and, with over 100 ideas received and 5 awards given, it has been a success.

Beyond the campaign, OPM&I supports other innovative projects across MassDOT: MassDOT Innovation

  • In July 2012, it helped introduce a Real Time Traffic Management system, which is providing accurate traffic data for travelers along I-93.
  • In August, it helped develop MassDOT’s official Facebook page and designed a “curiosTy” marketing campaign for the MBTA’s 115th anniversary.
  • In November, it launched One Voice, a project that is streamlining MassDOT’s complicated telephone directories. Now, instead of requiring customers to navigate between several phone systems, callers can dial a single number (857-DOT-INFO) to contact their local highway district, find out when their Registry branch opens, report a problem on their local bus route, or find out when their flight leaves Logan.

A Year of Successes

Over its first year, OPM&I has developed and implemented performance management systems, policies and processes and introduced other new initiatives that are improving internal operations:

  • Strategic Planning: A department wide-strategic plan was created which aligns the organization’s goals and operations of every office, and establishes clear performance targets.
  • Accountability & Transparency: Continuously-refined performance management tools were developed that are used to track results against metrics, and are reviewed in monthly internal meetings and quarterly public accountability meetings. Performance management reports are also available on MassDOT’s website.
  • Training: Over 150 managers have attended customized training programs to hone their leadership skills.

In 2009, MassDOT was an amalgam of offices with separate cultures, procedures, and software.  Integration has been difficult, but the department’s leaders have risen to the challenge. In 2013, the office will continue to weave performance management into MassDOT’s organizational infrastructure and uphold the department’s commitment to excellence for the Governor, Lt. Governor, Legislature, and – most importantly – for Massachusetts’ residents, visitors, and businesses.

By: Celia J. Blue, Assistant Secretary, MassDOT and Christopher Lynch, Office of Performance Management, MassDOT

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Assistant Secretary, Office of Performance Management and Innovation, MassDOT

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