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The initial projects from the Office of the Government Innovation Officer (OGIO) seek to deploy COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) and SaaS (software as a service) software solutions to address identified needs within the Commonwealth.

Because OGIO is subject to Massachusetts procurement laws, regulations, and policies for Executive Department agencies, the office may only consider responses to a Request for Quote (RFQ) on software from authorized Statewide Contract vendors who are on one of the following contracts:

  • ITS19 Oracle Software and Services;
  • ITS41designatedITD IBM Software, Maintenance and Technical Support; or,
  • ITS42 Software Resellers (Dell, En Pointe, and Software House International [SHI])

If you are a software publisher who has not yet engaged with the Commonwealth, please take the following steps to become eligible to bid:

Sign up for a Comm-PASS SmartBid account to obtain RFQ alerts

  1. Update your profile to “follow” these category alerts: Information Technology…-OTHER…
  2. Engage in a contract relationship with at least one authorized ITS42 Software Resellers (see below)
  3. Monitor opportunities announced officially on Comm-PASS
    1. [If you are appropriately registered, you will automatically receive an e-mail notifying you of opportunities posted on your indicated category.]
    2. We may also highlight our Comm-PASS announcements by mentioning them on Twitter (@MassInnov8)  and/or this blog.

It is important to re-iterate that — due to various procurement laws, regulations and policies, and OGIO’s mission to leverage technology — the only way a vendor can submit a response to OGIO’s posted requests for quote is through Comm-PASS, the official procurement site for the Commonwealth, using a free SmartBid account.

Upcoming software solicitations:

Innovation Crowdsourcing Tool / Open Innovation Solution:

Coming up on or about April 17, 2013, OGIO expects to post RFQ OGIO-2013-01 Open Innovation Solution to contract for an innovation crowdsourcing platform which engages state employees (and eventually citizens, businesses, and interested parties) in the generation of ideas and solutions for changing the way government does business (to improve cost-effectiveness, customer service delivery, and transparency).  The ideal solution will allow the Commonwealth to effectively and efficiently manage the innovation lifecycle — from idea submission to ranking, from refinement to sponsorship, and from implementation to performance measurement — while engaging its most important resource: people!

Call Center Management and Consolidation:

Next up, circa June 2013, OGIO expects to post RFQ OGIO-2013-02 Customer Relationship Management Solution to contract for a tool which can effectively and efficiently consolidate calls at the Secretariat level while coordinating customer service through agency and program subject-matter-experts that create and manage a state-of-the-art knowledge base.  The ideal solution will allow the Commonwealth to eliminate the maze of telephone numbers citizens and businesses must currently navigate before they can even ask a question.   The solution will allow agency and program service providers to deliver information, support, and services in a coherent and coordinated manner.

To locate any Comm-PASS Solicitation records posted by OGIO:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the “Solicitations” tab from the main navigation bar
  3. Select the “Browse All Open by Entity/Department” option
  4. Select the checkmark icon for The Office of the Government Innovation Officer (First on the Entity page, then again on the Department page)
  5. Select the eyeglasses icon to access any open record

If you have a free Comm-PASS SmartBid account, you can use the Track on My Desktop option to bookmark this record for easy one-click access through your free SmartBid account.

If you have any questions on the procurement processes, please email or call the procurement helpdesk toll-free at 1-888-MA-STATE.

Dell, Kayla Macko, 1-800-953-2105,
En Pointe, Ed Kane, Account Executive, 617-480-9561,
Software House International (SHI), Barbara West, New England Regional Manager/Contract Manager, 508-799-5433,


Written By:

Deputy Government Innovation Officer

Joan Matsumoto joined the Office of the Government Innovation Officer as the Deputy GIO in February 2013 where she implements projects selected to change the way the Commonwealth of Massachusetts conducts business in an effort to improve cost-effectiveness, customer service delivery, and transparency.

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