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Since 1963, the United States has celebrated the critical role small business owners and entrepreneurs play in creating jobs, driving innovation and growing the economy by designating a week for national recognition.

This week, the U.S. Small Business Administration has scheduled forums, panels, networking opportunities, webinars and award ceremonies in four cities across the country to engage the small business community and spotlight their importance.

meeting-462x231In Boston, event participants will learn about growing their business with simple online marketing strategies, how to avoid costly business mistakes, energizing their team and finding capital. Although, the event quickly sold out, there are still online seminars and webinars that small business owners can attend by visiting

National Small Business week is a great time to highlight some of the grant programs available for Massachusetts small business owners to help meet their unique needs.

Since 2007, the Patrick Administration has awarded $83.6 million in Workforce Training Fund grants to some 1,090 projects involving more than 1,171 businesses. More than 88% of those grants went to small businesses and 34% of those grants went to businesses with fewer than 50 employees.  

Express Workforce Training grants are exclusively for companies with fewer than 100 employees. More than $486,000 in these grants was awarded to nearly 90 small businesses during the last half of 2013.

The Patrick Administration also implemented in 2011, new policies to enable groups of small employers with common training needs to qualify for Workforce Training Funds as a consortium. Since that time, 18 consortium grants have been awarded, involving 91 different businesses, totaling more than $3 million and resulting in training for 2,627 workers and the expected creation of 195 new jobs.

For more information on state grants and services please visit

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Ken Messina, Business Services Manager

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