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In this series on Labor Market Exploration, we will feature different information and tools that will enhance your job search. 

Series #2:  Transfer Occupation Relationship Quotient Torq

If you already have some skill sets and experience, and you are either looking to become re-employed or planning a career change, TORQ is a great tool to help you get started.  It gives you a snapshot of what is taking place in your job market and relates it to your skills and experience.

TORQ is available at your local One-Stop Career Center, where our staff is on hand to help set up your account and guide you through the system.

TORQ is unique in its ability to translate and quantify your skills and abilities. It assesses the jobs that you have performed in the past and assigns a score that indicates what you need to transfer your current skills from one job to another. This helps you think outside of your ‘Occupational Box’.

With TORQ, you can create a profile that could match different occupations to your skills. Custom filtering allows you to create a quick-reference list of occupations that are available instantly.  TORQ may introduce you to jobs that you never considered, yet which require the transferable skills that qualify you for that job.       

You will also have the ability to review actual job postings and apply directly or share it with someone you know who may be interested.  TORQ allows you to understand your transition options and make smart decisions about your future.


Torq screen

Visit a Massachusetts One-Stop Career Center near you to learn more or to access TORQ.  

For an overview of the Labor Market Exploration, please review our LMI Blog series #1. 

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