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Image of the US flagIn recognition of Veterans Day, the Massachusetts Department of Career Services (DCS) joins the Patrick Administration and Massachusetts in thanking military Veterans for their dedication and service, and we encourage local employers to do the same.

The scheduled reduction of deployed military forces over the next several years will bring many of our brave service members home to seek a transition to the civilian labor force. As part of “Hire a Veteran Month,” proclaimed by Governor Patrick for November 2013, DCS is partnering with Massachusetts’ 16 local workforce boards to host over 30 events and job fairs for Veterans across the state.

Hiring Veterans offers these men and women bright, stable futures, and provides many benefits to employers. In addition to the transferable skills gained and high level of training they acquire during military service, Veterans also have other positive attributes that benefit any employer, regardless of the field: former service members have gained valuable leadership experience from the military; they are taught to provide direction, delegate, motivate and inspire others; Veterans understand the concept of teamwork and are held responsible for their actions; Veterans know how to prioritize tasks to complete them on time, even in the most stressful situations; and they have a unique appreciation for tight deadlines, limited resources and strict budgets, and are able to work efficiently and effectively despite these challenges.

To date, DCS has served approximately 14,000 Veterans. Military Veterans receive priority of service throughout the 32 Massachusetts Once-Stop Career Centers. Each center has Veteran Employment Representatives to assist Veterans in identifying training and employment opportunities; and to assist them in translating their Military skills into civilian terms.

At the One-Stop Career Centers we assist businesses with hiring military Veterans and Veterans are provided with the necessary information to reach their career goals. The next time you are hiring, consider a solution that is great for business — “Hire-A-Veteran”.


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Veteran Employment & Training Program Manager at the Department of Career Services

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