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Becoming Agile Posted on Aug 6

Becoming Agile

The Patrick Administration is tirelessly pursuing innovation in state government to improve service delivery to residents and to save taxpayers’ money.  Several times a year, the Commonwealth hosts a project management forum (“PM Connect”), where project management experts share best practices on key topics. A   …Continue Reading Becoming Agile

MCCA’s Innovative Tech Creates World-Class Venues Posted on May 2

MCCA's Innovative Tech Creates World-Class Venues

An event like PAX East brings with it some of the most technologically savvy clients and attendees in the meetings and convention industry. Internet connections on the wireless system at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC) typically spike to record levels, and exhibitors require   …Continue Reading MCCA’s Innovative Tech Creates World-Class Venues

Innovating in the Commonwealth Posted on Mar 26

Innovating in the Commonwealth

In my role as Government Innovation Officer (GIO) for the Commonwealth, there are several ways in which I help move the innovation agenda forward within the Commonwealth’s various agencies. One category of activity entails my dialoguing with agency leaders to identify opportunities for innovation, and   …Continue Reading Innovating in the Commonwealth