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Monthly Archives: October 2005

Harriet Miers Withdraws Posted on Oct 27

According to the Associated Press, Harriet Miers has just withdrawn as a Supreme Court nominee. CNN reports that “in the statement, Miers said her nomination presented a ‘burden for the White House.’”

Nicole’s Law Posted on Oct 27

The House and Senate have both passed Nicole’s Law, S2152, which requires carbon monoxide detectors in homes. Devices will be required in any residence that “(1) contains equipment fossil-fuel burning equipment including, but not limited to, a furnace, boiler, water heater, fireplace or any other   …Continue Reading Nicole’s Law

Dog as a Dangerous Weapon Posted on Oct 26

A recent Appeals Court Decision, Commonwealth v. Fettes, 64 Mass.App.Ct. 917 (October 18, 2005) states “A dog can be a dangerous weapon. A dangerous weapon is ‘any instrument or instrumentality so constructed or so used as to be likely to produce death or great bodily   …Continue Reading Dog as a Dangerous Weapon

Executive Orders Posted on Oct 26

Invisible until you need them, all Mass. Executive Orders are available on our site, as well as an index to help you find them. Federal Executive Orders are available from the National Archives.

Sexually Dangerous Persons Posted on Oct 26

While much attention is paid to sex offender registries, through which sex offenders in the community must identify themselves, less notice has been taken of the Sexually Dangerous Persons law, which provides for civil commitments of a day to life in the Massachusetts Treatment Center   …Continue Reading Sexually Dangerous Persons

Drunk Driving Compromise Bill Posted on Oct 21

After passing different drunk driving bills last week, the House and Senate have both approved a compromise drunk driving bill, H4446. The compromise is softer than bill proponents had hoped, but stronger than the earlier House bill. The bill includes the definition of a new   …Continue Reading Drunk Driving Compromise Bill

Dam Safety Posted on Oct 19

The threat to the Taunton dam appears to be lessening, but it has certainly increased awareness of dam safety in Massachusetts. Governor Romney has ordered a review of all high hazard dams. The Association of State Dam Safety Officials has a good summary of Massachusetts   …Continue Reading Dam Safety

Duty to Bury Posted on Oct 18

Several times recently we’ve been asked whether a husband or wife has an obligation to pay for the burial of their deceased spouse. While we have a page on the law about burial, none of the statutes or regulations linked there seem to create a   …Continue Reading Duty to Bury

Displaced Attorneys Posted on Oct 18

On October 6, 2005, the Supreme Judicial Court issued an order allowing lawyers displaced by Hurricane Katrina to practice in Massachusetts.

Library Thing Posted on Oct 14

Not about Massachusetts, not about law, but too cool to be denied. For everyone with a home library that seems out of control, we bring you Library Thing. Inventory your books, add keywords to help you find them, add reviews if you like, and then   …Continue Reading Library Thing