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Monthly Archives: November 2005

What is a loaded gun? Posted on Nov 29

On November 22, 2005, Gov. Romney signed a new law that clarifies the definition of a loaded shotgun or rifle, which is of particular importance to hunters. Chapter 137 of 2005 eliminates the previous conflict between the definition in Chapter 131 and that in Chapter   …Continue Reading What is a loaded gun?

City and Town Ordinances Posted on Nov 22

We have the bylaws or ordinances from over 100 Massachusetts cities and towns linked from our site.

Can an Employee be Fired for No Reason? Posted on Nov 22

Many people are under the impression that an employer must have a good reason to fire an employee. A recent Boston Globe column does a good job of explaining the bad news, “Although it seems almost impossible to believe, employers in Massachusetts, or in any   …Continue Reading Can an Employee be Fired for No Reason?

Horses Posted on Nov 15

An article in Friday’s Bolton Common, Motorists: Make way for horses, reminds us to use care when sharing the road with a a horse. It quotes Mass. General Laws c.90, section14, which says, in part, “Every person operating a motor vehicle shall bring the vehicle   …Continue Reading Horses

Special Education Posted on Nov 15

Yesterday, the Supreme Court announced their decision in a special education case, Schaffer v. Weast. Attorneys for parents had argued that where a parent was dissatisfied with an IEP, the school district should bear the burden of proving an IEP sufficient, rather than the parents   …Continue Reading Special Education

Name Changes Posted on Nov 9

At Law About Name Changes, we include links to sites that explain the procedure for changing one’s name, but we’ve neglected to mention the two easiest times to change your name–when you get married, and when you get divorced. According to GLAD, “In addition to   …Continue Reading Name Changes

Massachusetts and OpenDocument Posted on Nov 7

Massachusetts is leading the nation in an attempt to improve the current and future availability of public documents. The state’s Information Technology Division has written a document called Enterprise Technical Reference Model v.3.5. The “Information Domain” portion of the document includes a vision statement which   …Continue Reading Massachusetts and OpenDocument

Nicole’s Law Enacted Posted on Nov 7

On Friday, Governor Romney signed Nicole’s Law, Chapter 123 of 2005, requiring carbon monoxide detectors in homes.

Interstate Compact for Adult Offenders Posted on Nov 3

On October 27, 2005, Governor Romney signed a law that enters Massachusetts into the Interstate Compact for Adult Offenders, c.121 of 2005. According to the Governor’s Press Release, “the interstate compact sets strict guidelines to govern offenders’ eligibility for transfer to prevent them from crossing   …Continue Reading Interstate Compact for Adult Offenders

Melanie’s Law Posted on Nov 1

On October 28, 2005, Governor Romney signed the new drunk driving law, Chapter 122 of the Acts of 2005. The law increases the penalties for repeat drunk driving, creates new penalties for driving while intoxicated with a child in the car, and requires ignition interlock devices   …Continue Reading Melanie’s Law