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Monthly Archives: December 2005

Store Openings on Christmas Posted on Dec 19

We’ve recently been asked if stores will be open the day after Christmas. MGL ch. 135, sec. 6 says that stores are closed for Christmas. If Christmas falls on a Sunday, the legal holiday is observed on Monday according to MGL. ch. 4, sec 7.   …Continue Reading Store Openings on Christmas

Patriot Act Reauthorization On Hold Posted on Dec 19

On Friday, December 16, 2005, the Senate blocked reauthorization of key provisions of the Patriot Act. According to ABC News, “much of the controversy involved powers granted to law enforcement agencies to gain access to a wealth of personal data, including library and medical records,   …Continue Reading Patriot Act Reauthorization On Hold

Error in Melanie’s Law Posted on Dec 14

Barbara Fell-Johnson, Head Law Librarian at the Hampshire Law Library, has pointed out a significant technical error in Melanie’s Law, 2005 St. c.122, which she promptly reported to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary. 2005 St. c.122 Sect. 6A actually DELETES THE WRONG SECTION OF   …Continue Reading Error in Melanie’s Law

Tax Relief Posted on Dec 6

Two new tax relief measures were passed recently in Massachusetts. Senior Tax Relief, St.2005, c.136, passed on November 20, 2005, allows more homeowners over 65 to claim a tax credit, and allows cities and towns to charge a lower interest rate on deferred property taxes.   …Continue Reading Tax Relief

Play Ball! Posted on Dec 1

The Red Sox have reportedly filed suit against former first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz to determine ownership of the ball that won the Red Sox their first world series since 1918. The suit was filed in Suffolk Superior Court on November 30, 2005, according to the   …Continue Reading Play Ball!