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Monthly Archives: February 2006

Number of People in Rental Unit Posted on Feb 27

105 CMR 410.400 sets out the following minimum square footage requirements for rental property: “(A) Every dwelling unit shall contain at least 150 square feet of floor space for its first occupant, and at least 100 square feet of floor space for each additional occupant,   …Continue Reading Number of People in Rental Unit

First Cousin Marriage Posted on Feb 24

Yesterday, Ask Yahoo answered the question How Many States Allow A Resident to Marry a Cousin?. It turns out that you can marry your first cousin here in Massachusetts and in eighteen other states. The answer includes links to a number of helpful publications, including   …Continue Reading First Cousin Marriage

Increased Taxes for Second Homes Posted on Feb 22

The February 19 Hartford Courant reports that the Barnstable Town Council has taken advantage of a state law to charge out-of-town owners of second homes higher property taxes than are charged to year-round residents. “Barnstable is the 13th town in Massachusetts to take advantage of   …Continue Reading Increased Taxes for Second Homes

Ticket Scalping Law Loophole Posted on Feb 13

In October 2005, we reported on a pending case against 16 ticket resellers for violation of the ticket scalping law. Now, an article in the Boston Globe on February 5, Anti-Scalping Law Invalid in Boston, Reseller Says, reports “One of the state’s largest ticket resellers   …Continue Reading Ticket Scalping Law Loophole

Suffolk County Law Library Access Questioned Posted on Feb 13

An article in Sunday’s Boston Herald, Exclusive bru$h with the law: New library closed to the public, questions the money spent on the Social Law Library, a private law library located within the new John Adams Courthouse. “The Social Law Library, which occupies 82,000 square   …Continue Reading Suffolk County Law Library Access Questioned

Patriot Act Compromise Posted on Feb 10

A compromise regarding provisions of the Patriot Act was reportedly worked out between the White House and Congress yesterday. According to the North County Times, “The changes, worked out over several weeks of talks, specifically with the office of White House counsel Harriet Miers, covered   …Continue Reading Patriot Act Compromise