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Monthly Archives: March 2006

Smoking in Private Clubs Posted on Mar 27

Last week, in American Lithuanian Naturalization Club Athol Mass. v. Board of Health of Athol, the SJC ruled that a local board of health has “the authority to promulgate a regulation that prohibits smoking at all times in the premises of membership associations, sometimes referred   …Continue Reading Smoking in Private Clubs

The Brothel Myth Posted on Mar 15

We are often asked to produce the law or ordinance which prohibits more than a certain number of unrelated females from living together, as such an arrangement would be considered a brothel. As far as we can determine, no such law exists, but apparently the   …Continue Reading The Brothel Myth

Leaving a Child Alone in a Car Posted on Mar 6

Is it against the law in Massachusetts to leave a child alone in a car? The only specific restriction we have been able to find in Massachusetts relates to day care providers. 606 CMR 7.10(5)(i)  says: “As provided at 606 CMR 7.13(3)(j), a child must   …Continue Reading Leaving a Child Alone in a Car