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Monthly Archives: July 2006

Signing for Sudafed Posted on Jul 27

A new Federal law, known as the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005, was enacted in March with the renewal of the Patriot Act. Beginning September 30, P.L. 109-177, sec. 701-756 puts limits on the purchase of products containing pseudoephedrine. These decongestants, like Sudafed, must   …Continue Reading Signing for Sudafed

Moving Away with Children Posted on Jul 24

In Mason v. Coleman, 447 Mass. 177 (July 10, 2006), the SJC decided this month that in order for a parent who shares joint physical custody to move out of state, s/he must meet a higher standard than a parent who has sole physical custody.   …Continue Reading Moving Away with Children

Fire-Safe Cigarettes Posted on Jul 17

Last week, the Legislature passed St.2006, c.140, An Act Relative to the Loss of Life Due to Fires Caused by Cigarettes, which will require cigarettes sold in Massachusetts to be made with special self-extinguishing paper beginning in January 2008. According to the Business Journal, Massachusetts   …Continue Reading Fire-Safe Cigarettes

You have the right to remain seated… Posted on Jul 13

Cingular has reached a compromise with employees who were angered that management had taken away their seats in stores and was requiring them to stand. An obscure Massachusetts law, MGL c.149, s.103, may have saved their chairs. Originally written to protect “women or children” in   …Continue Reading You have the right to remain seated…

Minimum Wage Increase Posted on Jul 12

On July 6, the state Senate passed a new minimum wage bill, S2632, which is expected to pass the House this week. The Governor has remained noncommittal on the measure. The bill will raise the state minimum wage from the current $6.75/hour to $7.50/hour effective   …Continue Reading Minimum Wage Increase

Proposed Marriage Amendment Can Go Forward Posted on Jul 11

In Schulman v. Attorney General, 447 Mass. 189, the SJC ruled unanimously yesterday that the proposed constitutional amendment limiting marriage rights in Massachusetts can go forward. The court said, in part, that while “measures that relate to “the reversal of a judicial decision” are excluded   …Continue Reading Proposed Marriage Amendment Can Go Forward

Social Security and Unemployment Posted on Jul 3

On June 24, Gov. Romney signed a bill removing a penalty for those collecting Social Security benefits who find themselves unemployed. Massachusetts had been one of just 10 states to reduce unemployment benefits for people collecting Social Security. St.2006, c.123, sections 68 and 69 provide:   …Continue Reading Social Security and Unemployment