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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Bill to Protect Child Survivors of Parental Homicide Posted on Jan 28

The Joint Committee on the Judiciary heard testimony January 24 on a bill (H1547) that would make it easier to end the involvement in a child’s life of a parent who killed the second parent. The bill provides that a conviction for murder would “create   …Continue Reading Bill to Protect Child Survivors of Parental Homicide

House Passes Limits on Cell Phones While Driving Posted on Jan 24

Yesterday, the House passed H4477, AN ACT FURTHER REGULATING THE USE OF CERTAIN COMMUNICATION DEVICES WHILE OPERATING A MOTOR VEHICLE. While the bill has received a great deal of attention because it specifically bans text messaging while driving, it actually bans all use of hand-held   …Continue Reading House Passes Limits on Cell Phones While Driving

Elder Care Directory Posted on Jan 14

The Family Caregiver Handbook: Finding Elder Care Resources in Massachusetts is a publication/website produced by the MIT Workplace Center which acts as a “‘gateway’ to key elder care organizations across the Commonwealth, providing telephone numbers, locations and website addresses so that caregivers can find the   …Continue Reading Elder Care Directory

Religious Accommodation in Employment Posted on Jan 7

“An employer’s mere contention that it could not reasonably accommodate an employee is insufficient,” according to the Supreme Judicial Court in MBTA v. MCAD, decided Friday. A person granted a conditional offer of employment had religious beliefs which prohibited him from working Friday evenings, and   …Continue Reading Religious Accommodation in Employment

New Laws for 2008 Posted on Jan 1

Effective today: The minimum wage is now $8.00! Stores must start selling fire-safe cigarettes (but they can deplete their existing inventories first) Monthly penalties begin to accrue every month for failure to have health insurance Adoptees born from today forward may have access to their   …Continue Reading New Laws for 2008