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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Criminal Penalties for Drag Racing Posted on Feb 22

Beginning Tuesday, February 26, drag racing in Massachusetts will be a criminal offense for most drivers, rather than a civil motor vehicle infraction, under revised MGL c.90, s.17B. Currently, penalties are a $100-500 fine and 30-day license suspension for a first offense, and a $200-1000   …Continue Reading Criminal Penalties for Drag Racing

Source for Government Info Posted on Feb 12

We have a chat service through which we can direct you to information about Massachusetts law, but we are delighted to point you to a complementary service for Federal and state government information: Government Information Online (GIO). According to their site, “Through Government Information Online   …Continue Reading Source for Government Info

Rape, Intoxication and Consent Posted on Feb 11

In two cases decided last Friday, the Supreme Judicial Court clarified requirements for proof in rape cases in which lack of consent due to intoxication is an issue. In Comm. v. Blache, the court ruled that jury instructions should clearly explain the following two requirements:   …Continue Reading Rape, Intoxication and Consent

W-2 Problems Posted on Feb 5

We’ve been receiving questions this week on the provision of W-2 forms by employers. According to the IRS, employers must send W-2 forms to their employees by January 31. If you do not receive the form by February 15, or if the form you received   …Continue Reading W-2 Problems