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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Regulating Smoking at Home Posted on Mar 24

Last week, Boston Globe Magazine took on the issue of regulating smoking in multi-unit housing in Snuffing Out Puffing Neighbors. The article explores the move toward restricting smoking further in Massachusetts, and suggests that landlords already have options. “Many landlords are under the impression that   …Continue Reading Regulating Smoking at Home

Boston Limits Student Roommates Posted on Mar 14

On Wednesday, the Boston Zoning Board unanimously approved a measure that limits undergraduate students in the city to no more than four roommates per apartment. The new limits, effective March 13, 2008, apply only to “full-time undergraduate students at a post-secondary educational institution” and do   …Continue Reading Boston Limits Student Roommates

Cutting Down Neighbor’s Trees is Costly Posted on Mar 12

Last week, the Mass. Appeals Court issued an opinion in Glavin v. Eckman, 71 Mass. App. Ct. 313 (2008), a case in which Martha’s Vineyard property owners and their tree contractor cut down ten mature trees on a neighbor’s property to improve their own view   …Continue Reading Cutting Down Neighbor’s Trees is Costly