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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Firefighters in Reverse Discrimination Case Posted on Jun 29

Case: Ricci v. DeStefano. A group of New Haven, CT firefighters who were tested for evaluation for promotions, and scored higher than minorities who took the same test, initiated a lawsuit in 2003 when the City of New Haven threw out the test results, fearing   …Continue Reading Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Firefighters in Reverse Discrimination Case

Massachusetts Erroneous Convictions Law Posted on Jun 25

Yesterday, in Guzman v. Commonwealth, the Appeals Court provided guidance on section 1(B) of MGL c.258D, which provides for relief for the erroneously convicted under certain circumstances. The court ruled that eligibility under 1(B)(ii) for those who have been granted judicial relief “on grounds which   …Continue Reading Massachusetts Erroneous Convictions Law

Deferred First-Year Associates May Serve as Law Clerks Posted on Jun 24

Due to the current fiscal crisis, the Massachusetts courts are unable to hire law clerks for next year. The Chief Justice for Administration and Management asked for an ethics opinion on whether the courts could “accept as volunteer interns law firm associates who have had   …Continue Reading Deferred First-Year Associates May Serve as Law Clerks

SJC clarifies Vacation as wages Posted on Jun 23

The SJC in a recent ruling has made it clear that employees must be paid for earned vacation upon termination. In Electronic Data Systems vs. the Attorney General, the court ruled that chapter 149 sec. 148 “requires such an employee to be paid for unused   …Continue Reading SJC clarifies Vacation as wages

Anti-Smoking Legislation Posted on Jun 15

The Watertown Tab & Press has a handy summary of pending anti-smoking legislation in Massachusetts in their June 12 edition. While you’ll need to scroll down a bit to see it, in a section called “Tobacco Crackdown” the paper lists a number of pending bills,   …Continue Reading Anti-Smoking Legislation

FDA Oversight of Tobacco Posted on Jun 14

The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, HR1256, passed the House last week by a vote of 307-97 and is headed to conference committee. The bill would give the FDA authority to regulate tobacco products.

Website Redesign Posted on Jun 10

Our website has been undergoing a major redesign in order to make it more handicapped accessible. On Saturday and Sunday June 20-21, the old site will come down and the new site will go up in its place. Because the blog and all the web   …Continue Reading Website Redesign