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Monthly Archives: November 2010

New SJC Rule 1:23 Posted on Nov 29

The SJC has approved new Rule 1:23, effective January 1, 2011. The new rule governs “Attorney General Approved Modifications Of Certain Gift Instruments Under G.L. C. 180A, Section 5(d).” This and other Massachusetts court rules can be found at Mass. Rules of Court.

District Court Appellate Division Slip Opinions Posted on Nov 29

We’ve added slip opinions from the Appellate Division of the District Court Department for November 10 and November 15 to District Court Slip Opinions.

Alcoholic beverage regulations for caffeinated drinks Posted on Nov 19

The Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission has released a regulation relating to the recent uproar over FourLoco. The regulation bans the sale of alcohol adulterated with caffeine. The FDA has also responded by warning manufacturers that their products contain an unsafe food additive. They have   …Continue Reading Alcoholic beverage regulations for caffeinated drinks

MCAD Fact Sheet on CORI and Employment Posted on Nov 17

The Mass. Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) has issued a fact sheet on the use of criminal record information (CORI) by employers under the new law effective this month. It provides detailed guidance on who is covered by the law and what they may and may not   …Continue Reading MCAD Fact Sheet on CORI and Employment

If you are reading about… Posted on Nov 10

Needham High School soccer team and hazing, try our Bullying page for the link to the statute on hazing. Massachusetts students math scores? See out page on education and on MCAS Wondering about working on Veteran’s Day? Holiday work and pay requirements are here. Check   …Continue Reading If you are reading about…

Calorie Reporting Requirement Rescinded Posted on Nov 9

This is old news, but since we missed it, we’re guessing some of you may have too. 105 CMR 590.009(G) formerly “required certain chain restaurants to post calorie information next to the names of food items they sell. The regulations were to take effect on   …Continue Reading Calorie Reporting Requirement Rescinded

New Guardianship Rules and Forms Posted on Nov 8

The Probate and Family Court has issued two new rules and two new forms for guardianship, effective November 16, 2010: Standing Order 2-10: Medical Certificate Affidavit Uniform Practice XXII: Medical Certificate (Guardian-Conservator). “The title and practice were amended to allow a nurse practitioner to complete a   …Continue Reading New Guardianship Rules and Forms

New Dangerousness Standard for Pretrial Detention Posted on Nov 5

St.2010, c.256, s.125, effective this week, allows prosecutors to seek pretrial detention under MGL c.276, s.58A for anyone charged with a felony for possession of a firearm under MGL c.269, s.10 (a), (c) or (m) (with some exceptions). The law was enacted after the SJC   …Continue Reading New Dangerousness Standard for Pretrial Detention

SJC Recusal Rule Effective Today Posted on Nov 1

SJC Rule 1:22 Motions to Recuse is effective today. This new rule provides a procedure for recusal of a Supreme Court Justice from a full court case, including a method for review if the Justice whose recusal is sought denies the original motion. “This rule applies   …Continue Reading SJC Recusal Rule Effective Today