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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Limited Assistance Representation in the District Court Posted on Jan 31

Last week, the District Court issued Standing Order 1-11: Limited Assistance Representation and Substitute Counsel Pilot Project. “The Standing Order provides the parameters for limited assistance representation in the District Court Department” and also “addresses court proceedings where an attorney substitutes or “covers” for an   …Continue Reading Limited Assistance Representation in the District Court

Snow and Ice Posted on Jan 24

In response to questions about the responsibility to shovel, and given that this winter refuses to let up, we’ve added a page: Mass. Law About Snow and Ice. We have other pages on related topics as well: Law About Potholes,  Law About Real Estate, Law   …Continue Reading Snow and Ice

Burial at Sea Posted on Jan 20

Today’s Boston Globe had an interesting article on burial at sea, which inspired us to add information on the topic to our Law About Burial, Cremation and Funerals. There you can find Massachusetts laws and regulations on burial and cremation and web sources helpful to   …Continue Reading Burial at Sea

Historical Massachusetts Cases Posted on Jan 20

We’ve added two old titles to our Massachusetts Cases page: Thacher’s Criminal Cases: Reports of Criminal Cases Tried in the Municipal Court of the City of Boston before Peter Oxenbridge Thacher, Judge of that Court from 1823-1843. Quincy’s Reports: Reports of Cases Argued and Adjudged in   …Continue Reading Historical Massachusetts Cases

Massachusetts Speed Limit Laws Posted on Jan 14

For the sake of clarity, we’ve split off speed limit information from Law About Traffic Violations into its own page: Massachusetts Law About Speed Limits. Here we collect Massachusetts laws, regulations and websites on speeding.

Restaurants Have 3 Weeks to Comply With New Food Allergy Requirements Posted on Jan 14

105 CMR 590.003(B)(17) includes new requirements for restaurants under the Food Allergy Awareness Act, MGL c.140, s.6B. In addition to all of the obligations of the “person in charge” under the 105 CMR 590.003(B)(1)-(16), the new regulation has added: “The person in charge shall demonstrate   …Continue Reading Restaurants Have 3 Weeks to Comply With New Food Allergy Requirements

Uniform Probate Code Not Effective Until Jan. 2012 Posted on Jan 11

In the supplemental budget signed last week, St.2010, c.409, s.23, the effective date of the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code (St.2008, c.521, s.44) was changed from July 1, 2011 to January 2, 2012.

Providing for Your Pets After You Die Posted on Jan 10

According to the MSPCA, Governor Patrick has signed H1467: An Act Relative to Trusts for the Care of Animals,  This law, MGL c.203, s.3C will allow pet owners to create trusts to care for their pets. Some key provisions: “Unless the trust instrument provides for   …Continue Reading Providing for Your Pets After You Die

New Law Protects More Property from Debt Collection Posted on Jan 10

Governor Patrick signed S2557 last Friday which increases the value of property exempt from execution listed in  MGL c.235, s.34, effective in April. Here are some examples: Cost of Utilities: Old: up to $75/ month New: up to $500/month Automobile: Old: up to $700 in   …Continue Reading New Law Protects More Property from Debt Collection

SJC Upholds Ibanez Foreclosure Decision Posted on Jan 7

In US Bank National Association v. Ibanez, 458 Mass. 637, the Supreme Judicial Court today upheld the ruling of the Land Court (MISC 08-384283) regarding the requirement that mortgage holders must be accurately identified in a foreclosure proceeding. “We agree with the judge that the   …Continue Reading SJC Upholds Ibanez Foreclosure Decision