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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Profanity in Massachusetts Posted on Jun 13

Middleborough did not recently outlaw profane speech. The bylaw prohibiting profanity has been on their books since 1968. It says: “Whoever having arrived at the age of discretion accosts or addresses another person with profane or obscene language in a street or other public place,   …Continue Reading Profanity in Massachusetts

Same-Sex Spousal Health Benefits Posted on Jun 8

Here’s a guide we’ve found helpful: Same-Sex Spousal Health Benefits In Massachusetts After Goodridge, GLAD, November 2011. Covers private sector, public sector, federal employees, self-employed, COBRA, those who work outside of Massachusetts, and more.  From the Introduction: Although this publication was originally created only to   …Continue Reading Same-Sex Spousal Health Benefits

New CORI Law and Procedures for Sealing Records Posted on Jun 5

Two new and really helpful sources on record sealing: Know Your CORI Rights: Criminal Records Sealing and CORI Reform, Greater Boston Legal Services, 2012. Questions and answers on sealing your record, how to do it, when, why, and when it may not be necessary. and   …Continue Reading New CORI Law and Procedures for Sealing Records