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Monthly Archives: March 2013

The snowbirds are coming! Posted on Mar 31

The days are getting longer and, hopefully, warmer. As the warm weather returns, so do the snowbirds. Many of our elders are active and thriving; however, some are not. Legislation has been passed to address the  safety concerns of our aging population. In 2010, the “Silver   …Continue Reading The snowbirds are coming!

DSM-5, Classification of Mental Disorders and Massachusetts Law Posted on Mar 30

The American Psychiatric Association (A.P.A.) has announced that the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) is scheduled for release in May 2013. The history of the attempt to classify mental disorders goes back to the mid-nineteenth century, described by the   …Continue Reading DSM-5, Classification of Mental Disorders and Massachusetts Law

Attorney General’s Div. of Open Government Posted on Mar 28

State-wide enforcement of the Open Meeting Law, for public bodies at all levels of government, is centralized in the Attorney General’s Office and the Attorney General created the Division of Open Government to help public bodies understand and comply with the law. The Division provides   …Continue Reading Attorney General’s Div. of Open Government

School’s Out in Massachusetts, When? Posted on Mar 27

Many towns have declared more than five snow days during this school year, causing their School Committees to scramble to figure out how to meet the mandatory 180 day operation requirement mandated by 603 CMR 27.03. There is no uniform statewide answer to when school will close for the year.   …Continue Reading School’s Out in Massachusetts, When?

That’s entertainment! Posted on Mar 25

Is the next “Honey Boo Boo” living in your house? Over the years, there have been many child stars, and while there are federal and state labor laws protecting minors in the workplace, these laws do not apply to the world of entertainment. Most parents only   …Continue Reading That’s entertainment!

Congratulations Law School Graduates! Posted on Mar 24

Congratulations Law School Graduates!

Shortly after the mortarboards are tossed in the air, graduates will begin paying off those school loans. The March issue of ABA’s Student Lawyer suggests that students should start preparing before graduation. In part three of a four part series, Heather Jarvis sets out a   …Continue Reading Congratulations Law School Graduates!

“Give me Liberty, or Give me Death!” Posted on Mar 22

On this date:  March 23, 1775 Sir Patrick Henry spoke those much heralded words of freedom:  “I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”  One month later, April 19, 1775, the Battle of Lexington and Concord began with   …Continue Reading “Give me Liberty, or Give me Death!”

Law French or Plain Language? Posted on Mar 22

Law French or Plain Language?

  Legalese has stumped ordinary people trying to read legal documents for centuries.   Law French was a language specifically developed for use in the English Courts in the third quarter of the thirteenth century. Part French, part archaic Anglo-Norman, with many words of Latin   …Continue Reading Law French or Plain Language?

Just the facts, ma’am! Posted on Mar 19

There are “common misconceptions” that are part of everyone’s cultural literacy.  Wikipedia’s List of Common Misconceptions posts a humorous collection and introduces them as “current, widely held, errorneous ideas and beliefs about notable topics which have been reported by reliable sources.”  Somewhat like urban legends, they have wide circulation but little   …Continue Reading Just the facts, ma’am!

A BLAWG FOR YOUR LEGAL INTERESTS! Posted on Mar 16’s BLAWG’s[i.e., law blog] directory is a jumping off point to locate a blog on many legal topics! For example, you can chose from among lists of the most popular blogs about military law, entertainment & sports law, bankruptcy, disability law, real estate & property   …Continue Reading A BLAWG FOR YOUR LEGAL INTERESTS!