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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Assessment of real estate at full and fair cash value helps ensure equitable distribution of state funds Posted on Apr 30

The cherry sheet, known originally for the color of the paper it was printed on, is the official notification from the Mass. Department of Revenue of the upcoming fiscal year’s state aid and assessments to cities, towns, and regional school districts. For towns and cities   …Continue Reading Assessment of real estate at full and fair cash value helps ensure equitable distribution of state funds

Housing Court Public Internet Access Posted on Apr 29

In a recent press release, the the Mass. Housing Court Department announced “the introduction of internet access to Summary Process, Small Claims, Civil and Supplementary Process case types that are currently available to the public.  Case information can be accessed via the Trial Court’s eAccess   …Continue Reading Housing Court Public Internet Access

Norfolk County Veterans Court Posted on Apr 27

The first in Massachusetts Veterans Court has been meeting weekly at Dedham District Court since last year, under the leadership of Presiding Judge Mary Hogan Sullivan.  Defendants are sentenced to Probation and must comply with the Court’s directions to seek services, stay sober and check in   …Continue Reading Norfolk County Veterans Court

Online gambling getting another look in Massachusetts Posted on Apr 26

On Thursday, April 18, 2013 lawmakers in Massachusetts introduced an addendum to its 2014 fiscal year budget proposal calling for the legalization and regulation of online poker.  The amendments to the bill would grant licenses to online poker operators. The bill is sponsored by 18 politicians   …Continue Reading Online gambling getting another look in Massachusetts

Elvis has left the country Posted on Apr 24

Fifty five years ago today, Elvis Presley became Private Presley, joining the millions of American men conscripted into military service since colonial times. Beginning with the Revolutionary War, when conscription drafts were utilized by several state militias to maintain a strong force, the draft has been   …Continue Reading Elvis has left the country

Revocation of Naturalization (Denaturalization) Posted on Apr 23

The Immigration and Nationality Act INA §340(a),(e) Title 8 U.S.C § 1451(e)authorizes the Attorney General to institute administrative or judicial proceedings to correct, reopen, alter, modify, or vacate an order naturalizing a person. Section 340(a) provides two distinct legal bases for denaturalization or revocation of citizenship:   …Continue Reading Revocation of Naturalization (Denaturalization)

Reinstating Death Penalty Posted on Apr 22

The Massachusetts House of Representative Fiscal 2014 Budget debate begins this week.  One notable inclusion is Amendment 145 to Massachusetts House Bill 3400 ‘Reinstating Death Penalty’.  Passage of the Bill would amend M.G.L. Ch. 265 Crimes Against the Person.  The Legislatures Amendment Text and Status page lists   …Continue Reading Reinstating Death Penalty

Earth Day is tomorrow… Posted on Apr 21

Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970.

Benefit Corporations Posted on Apr 19

On August 07, 2012, Governor Deval Patrick approved (in part) Chapter 238 of the Acts of 2012 (“An Act Relative to Infrastructure Investment, Enhanced Competitiveness and Economic Growth in the Commonwealth”).  Section 52 of the Act inserted  Chapter 156E, “Benefit Corporations”, into the General Laws,   …Continue Reading Benefit Corporations

Free Forms Available Posted on Apr 19

Before you pay for a form, take a look at the Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries‘ page for links to forms that are available at no charge. There isn’t necessarily a “form” for every situation. Call your local law library to find out if we can   …Continue Reading Free Forms Available