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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Access to Digital Assets after Death Posted on May 30

A recently published case from the Mass. Appeals Court, Ajemian v. Yahoo!, deals with the unfortunate difficulties of Administrators gaining access to their deceased loved one’s email accounts. Yahoo!’s contention in the Ajemian case is that the Stored Communications Act prohibits them from disclosing the contents of an   …Continue Reading Access to Digital Assets after Death


Starting June 1, the general public will be banned from bringing cell phones into Lawrence District Court in the Fenton Judicial Center building in Lawrence, Ma. Courthouse staff will not hold cell phones for anyone while they are doing business inside the Appleton Street building.    …Continue Reading CELL PHONES BANNED

New Online Child Support Document Assembly Module Posted on May 29

The Mass. Probate and Family Court in collaboration with other partners has released a new online resource to help self-represented litigants complete court forms in child support cases.  They have created a series of free online interviews to help self-represented litigants accurately complete the court forms needed to file cases   …Continue Reading New Online Child Support Document Assembly Module

Memorial Day Posted on May 25

On Monday, May 27th, we will celebrate Memorial Day. For many this is the start of summer, to be celebrated with barbeques and family fun. In reality, this is a day to remember those soliders who have given their lives for the American people. Memorial Day   …Continue Reading Memorial Day

Need Legal Information? Posted on May 24

Try any of the six ways to contact us at “Ask a Law Librarian“.  All questions will be answered Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.  During the work week, we strive to get you your information with 24 hours although some questions   …Continue Reading Need Legal Information?


The Facts Throughout our history, only 2 United States Presidents have ever been impeached.  President Andrew Johnson (1868) for violating the Tenure of Office Act; and, President William Clinton (1999) for perjury and obstruction of justice.  Both were acquitted by the United States Senate.  To date, a United   …Continue Reading IMPEACHMENT OF A UNITED STATES PRESIDENT: The Process

Stiff Penalties for No Health Insurance Posted on May 21

Massachusetts requires adult residents over the age of 18, to have health insurance.  Schedule HC (Health Care Information) must be filed with Form 1 Income Tax Returns. If a resident has no insurance, Schedule HC is also used to request an exemption or file an appeal. To estimate the   …Continue Reading Stiff Penalties for No Health Insurance

Wind: Power or Problem? Posted on May 20

      Wind energy has always generated controversy in Massachusetts and tomorrow Falmouth may become one of the first communties in the country to have its wind turbines decommissioned.  The Town of Falmouth, in a ballot question, is asking residents to override tax limits to raise the funds to pay   …Continue Reading Wind: Power or Problem?

Resources for active and retired military members Posted on May 18

May 18 is Armed Forces Day.  This day is a celebration of the Armed forces of the United States.  It is observed on the third Saturday of May and it honors active duty personnel and the abilities of the services.  According to the Department of Defense, it was established   …Continue Reading Resources for active and retired military members

Massachusetts mulch fire safety regulations Posted on May 17

With gardening and landscaping season underway, it is a common practice to use mulch to prevent weeds from growing.  The most common type of mulch is made of wood product which is combustible.  After several fires caused millions of dollars of property damage, a new Massachusetts   …Continue Reading Massachusetts mulch fire safety regulations