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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Appellate Court Libraries and State Law Libraries Standards Posted on Mar 28

“Access to Justice is a fundamental right of every citizen of the United States. Legal information is an essential element of this right. Law libraries are integral to the administration of justice as providers of legal resources. Each state law library and appellate court library   …Continue Reading Appellate Court Libraries and State Law Libraries Standards

Better Legal Writing Posted on Mar 27

Our libraries have a selection of materials to help experienced attorneys and self represented litigants improve their persuasive legal writing skills. A Brief Guide to Brief Writing:  Demystifying the Memorandum of Law, is a recent lively read laced with humor, but full of specific tips for writing briefs   …Continue Reading Better Legal Writing

It’s all fun and games until someone get hurt. Posted on Mar 20

As it gets warmer, people start going outside to enjoy the nice weather. If you or your child gets hurt however, who is the responsible party? What should the trial strategy be? One source to look at for answers is Am. Jur. Trials. The latest   …Continue Reading It’s all fun and games until someone get hurt.

Women’s Suffrage Parade Posted on Mar 14

Women's Suffrage Parade

100 Years Ago this month; one day before the inauguration of President Woodrow Wilson, the Women’s Suffrage Parade took place in Washington D.C. It seemed to be off to a good start despite that it was a late start, but it soon became choked up   …Continue Reading Women’s Suffrage Parade

Appealing a Speeding Ticket? Posted on Mar 12

Appealing a Speeding Ticket?

If you are appealing a speeding ticket (or other civil motor vehicle infraction), here are some links to help you “learn the ropes.” Law: Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 90, section 17 Speed limits. Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 90, section 3. Civil motor vehicle infractions procedure, including   …Continue Reading Appealing a Speeding Ticket?

The Devil Made Me Do It Posted on Mar 9

On March 1, 1692, three women, Sarah Osborne ,  Sarah Good  and Tituba , were charged with the illegal practice of witchcraft, setting in motion the infamous Salem Witch trials during which numerous other people were similarly charged.  The newly appointed Governor, William Phips, created the Court   …Continue Reading The Devil Made Me Do It

Discharge of a Deliberating Juror Posted on Mar 7

“The discharge of a deliberating juror is a sensitive undertaking and is fraught with potential for error.  It is to be done only in special circumstances, and with special precautions.” Commonwealth v. Connor, 392 Mass 838 (1984). Two statutes describe the special circumstances for the   …Continue Reading Discharge of a Deliberating Juror

Status Inquiry Form for Those Awaiting Decisions Posted on Mar 4

The Probate and Family Court’s new status inquiry form PFC13 is used to request status update when awaiting a decision that was taken under advisement (within time periods set forth in form).