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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Leap Day Legal Issues Posted on Feb 29

Leap Day Legal Issues

In general, life goes on as normal when February 29 rolls around. The only legal issues involve computation of time. When has a year passed for someone sentenced to one year in prison if there is a leap year? Is a 365 -day sentence the   …Continue Reading Leap Day Legal Issues

Cinema of Law Film Series in the Berkshires in March Posted on Feb 26

This will be the tenth year for Berkshire Law Library’s Cinema of Law film series. The movies will be shown in the auditorium of the Berkshire Athenaeum in Pittsfield on Tuesdays in March. Presentations are co-sponsored with the Berkshire Bar Association and the Friends of the Berkshire Athenaeum. There   …Continue Reading Cinema of Law Film Series in the Berkshires in March

Pet Custody Posted on Feb 25

Pet Custody

When two people, either married or unmarried, break up, who gets to keep the pet(s)?  Can the court order joint custody of the dog or cat, as it would a child?  Can one party get visitation rights?  Is a pet treated in a legal sense   …Continue Reading Pet Custody

Understanding Blackstone Posted on Feb 24

Understanding Blackstone

Many years ago, I came across a print by R. C. Bierce entitled “The Common Law – In the Similitude of a Tree”, and was intrigued. A high resolution digital image of this print is available from the Library of Congress. In a blog post,   …Continue Reading Understanding Blackstone

Start Your (Snowmobile) Engines! Posted on Feb 23

Start Your (Snowmobile) Engines!

Many New Englanders love the winter season and all the winter sports that go along with it.  One way to enjoy the snow is to go snowmobiling, but you need to be mindful of the safety precautions in accordance with the provisions of the state law   …Continue Reading Start Your (Snowmobile) Engines!

Word(s) of the Month: et ux Posted on Feb 22

Word(s) of the Month: et ux

  Words of Law is a regular feature of Massachusetts Law Updates, highlighting a particular word or phrase and its meaning in law. Today’s phrase is et uxor. et uxor (et ək-sor). [Latin] Archaic. And wife. • This phrase was formerly common in case names   …Continue Reading Word(s) of the Month: et ux

Tax Liens Posted on Feb 19

Cities and towns in Massachusetts, in an effort to collect back taxes, have the right to file a lien against a property owner in the Registry of Deeds. Municipalities can later foreclose the rights of owners to redeem the property (to get clear title to   …Continue Reading Tax Liens

2016 Edition of the Massachusetts Guide to Evidence Now Available Posted on Feb 18

  The new edition of the Massachusetts Guide to Evidence has been released and is available without charge on the court’s website, where it can be searched and downloaded. The Massachusetts Guide to Evidence assembles existing Massachusetts evidence law in an easy-to-use document organized similarly to the   …Continue Reading 2016 Edition of the Massachusetts Guide to Evidence Now Available

Words of caution for those filing civil suits Posted on Feb 18

Failure to state a claim can be the downfall of those who file a civil suit. When drafting a complaint in Massachusetts, the statement of claim(s) is an essential part of the complaint. Without a viable cause of action, a civil suit will be unable   …Continue Reading Words of caution for those filing civil suits

Tanning Salon Age Raised Posted on Feb 17

Tanning Salon Age Raised

Governor Baker recently signed legislation which raises the age of persons who can use the services of tanning salons.  Chapter 31 of the Acts of 2016 amended Massachusetts General Laws chapter 111 sections 207, 210, and 211 by prohibiting a person under the age of 18   …Continue Reading Tanning Salon Age Raised