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Librarians have been dedicated to helping people develop digital literacy skills, and access trustworthy information.

The Massachusetts Library System recently posted an online guide with resources to help citizens evaluate information online and hone media-literacy skills.  Included is a popular eight-point informational graphic from the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions and is a concise, single-page tipsheet.

One of the points is to consult with a subject expert or a librarian.  It’s a reminder that the Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries exist to provide access to legal information.  There is also an “electronic branch” by way of the law libraries’ website, to provide access to primary and secondary sources of the law.

Site visitors can access Massachusetts laws and legal information by source and also by subject.  If you register for a Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries card, you can search databases for full-text of Massachusetts’ and Federal primary law, peer-reviewed legal and other academic journals, fact-checked and edited news sources, and hundreds of other titles.  Many of these can be logged into remotely.

If you have further questions, please feel free to ask a librarian at one of the Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries on any weekday.

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