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Regulations for community health care workers in Massachusetts were recently released in Massachusetts Register #1368 and codified in the Code of Massachusetts Regulations at 272 CMR 1-9.   The regulations ” govern the certification and practice of Certified Community Health Workers in Massachusetts by establishing the scope of practice and standards of conduct for all community health care workers … requirements for education and training .. and administrative procedures for the issuance and renewal of certificates to promote the public health, safety and welfare of all people in the Commonwealth.”  (272 CMR 2)  A community health worker is defined as someone “who applies his or her unique understanding of the experience, language, and cultures of populations he or she serves in order to carry out roles” such as providing culturally appropriate health information in community based settings, assuring access to needed Health and Human Services, and providing services such as care coordination.  (272 CMR 2)  The regulations also set forth the procedures for the investigation of complaints.  See also the enabling statutes Mass. General Laws chapter 13 sections 106-108 and  chapter 112 sections 259-262.


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