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Going back to school law Posted on Aug 16

Going back to school law

It’s nearly that time of year, so we thought we would highlight some of our pages that relate to schools and education.  We get questions about access to student records in divorce, CORI checks for people who work with children, internet bullying, and rights of   …Continue Reading Going back to school law

Student Records Posted on Sep 29

We often get questions regarding student records, and who has access to them.  Can non-custodial parents get access?  What about privacy concerns?  The area is covered by both state and federal laws.  On the Federal level, FERPA or Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act governs.   …Continue Reading Student Records

Student Learning Time Posted on Aug 28

Hard to believe, but back-to-school time is nearly upon us. In Massachusetts, 603 CMR 27 covers student learning time, and this is where we get the 180-day requirement for schools. In particular,  603 CMR 27.03 details School Year Requirements: 27.03: School Year Requirements (1) Prior   …Continue Reading Student Learning Time