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What’s a Usufruct? Posted on Mar 9

What's a Usufruct?

Reading a case from 1884 the other day, Moulton v. Newburyport Water Company, 137 Mass. 163, we came upon the following: “The petitioners contended that they had the right to dispose of all the waters running in the brook, as there were no lower owners   …Continue Reading What’s a Usufruct?

Plain Language and the Law Posted on Jan 19

legalese. (1914) The peculiar language of lawyers; esp., the speech and writing of lawyers at their communicative worst, characterized by antique jargon, pomposity, affected displays of precision, ponderous abstractions, and hocus-pocus incantations. plain language. Plain language (also called Plain English) is communication your audience can   …Continue Reading Plain Language and the Law