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Admissibility of Acquittal Evidence Posted on Sep 3

In Commonwealth v. Dorazio, decided this week, the SJC addressed the issue of the admissibility of evidence from a past incident which resulted in the acquittal of the defendant. The court said, in part, “As a matter of Federal constitutional law, collateral estoppel does not bar   …Continue Reading Admissibility of Acquittal Evidence

New Standard for Admission of In-Court Identifications Posted on Dec 17

In Commonwealth v. Crayton, 470 Mass. 228, the Supreme Judicial Court announced today that the court is establishing “a new standard for the admission of in-court identifications where the eyewitness had not previously participated in an out-of-court identification procedure.” The Standard “Where an eyewitness has   …Continue Reading New Standard for Admission of In-Court Identifications