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Deviating from Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Posted on Nov 2

The Massachusetts Supreme Court recently considered whether G. L. c. 211E, § 3 (e), authorizes a sentencing judge to depart from the mandatory minimum terms specified by statute for subsequent drug offenses. The defendant in Commonwealth v. Laltaprasad was charged with possession of heroin with intent   …Continue Reading Deviating from Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

Clemency, pardons, commutations Posted on Aug 9

Recently the President signed a number of commutations for federal prisoners; most had been sentenced under now outdated standards for nonviolent drug crimes. Under Article II Section 2 of the Constitution, he has the power to “grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United   …Continue Reading Clemency, pardons, commutations

Can Felons Vote in Massachusetts? Posted on Mar 4

In Massachusetts and some other states, the right to vote is temporarily suspended while a person is incarcerated for a felony offense.  They may vote again after they are released from prison. In some states, even people convicted of a misdemeanor cannot vote while incarcerated. In other   …Continue Reading Can Felons Vote in Massachusetts?