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MOD Personal Emergency Preparedness logo. Text: Learn, Prepare, Respond! Photo of emergency preparedness kit and supplies. Supplies shown include water pouch, flashlight, toiletries, first aid supplies, drinking water, radio. Text: This program is funded under a grant from FEMA's Grant Program Directorate, U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

New program logo and Go-Pack contents

The Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD) Personal Emergency Preparedness (ER) Training program has made several new updates. The program now has an official logo you will see on MOD’s website, materials and on our new pop-up screen for trainings.

Our Personal Emergency Preparedness Supplemental Information Packet has been updated with new resources available online. The packet contains all handouts that are distributed in our ER trainings.

With help from Holyoke’s Emergency Management Director and the Worcester Emergency Management Department, MOD’s Personal Emergency Preparedness Planning Workbook has been created. By completing the Workbook, individuals will create a detailed, personal, written plan for emergencies using the “Personal Emergency Preparedness Checklist.”  A completed workbook will contain important information including the individual’s emergency contact information; lists of medications, medical conditions, allergies, equipment, and vendors; health care provider contact information, and community hazards. The Workbook also contains instructions on how to locate local shelter, space to fill out an evacuation plan, and a list of items to include in an emergency kit.

The Personal Emergency Preparedness training map (also available online with a supplemental PDF list) indicates every city or town that has held ER Training(s) since 2007. If you would like MOD to host one of these meetings for your organization or group, please feel free to contact DaLonn Pearson, Emergency Preparedness Training Coordinator at (800) 322-2020 ext. 27332 or email DaLonn at


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