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The Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) is once again inviting all police departments to participate in a Placard Abuse Prevention Week beginning this weekend. The RMV participates on a disability parking abuse task force charged with exploring and implementing ways to reduce instances of disabled parking placard abuse across the Commonwealth.

The RMV is conducting a state-wide Placard Abuse Prevention Week beginning on May 5 through May 12, 2018. Law enforcement is encouraged to devote time to patrol this issue during that week and submit result information to the RMV’s Medical Affairs Department.

This will be the third year that the RMV has sponsored an Abuse Prevention Week. In years past, participating police departments noted several patterns with individuals displaying one of the following: 1) a placard that belonged to a deceased relative; 2) a spouse’s placard without the spouse present; 3) an expired placard; and 4) placards with altered expiration dates.

The disability parking abuse task force wishes to ensure the availability of disability parking for those truly in need. The misuse or abuse of disability parking privileges is an issue that needs to be addressed through a multitude of channels – public awareness, education of placard holders and health care providers, as well as continued enforcement.

The RMV will be active on social media for the week; if you aren’t already, please follow @MassRMV on Twitter to like and re-tweet content.


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Director of Enforcement Services, MassDOT Registry of Motor Vehicles Division

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