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Back to the Basics Posted on Aug 12

Back to the Basics

In an economy where technology touches every part of our lives, how often do we stop to ask the question of what happens to the people who did the jobs Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation take? Almost never. For those of us who do think   …Continue Reading Back to the Basics

State Employment Career Fair 2019 Posted on Aug 12

State Employment Career Fair 2019 Written By Moss Lynch The 2019 State Employment Career Fair was a MassDOT initiative, hosted by MassDOT in partnership with the Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD), the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB), and the Human Resources Division (HRD), and   …Continue Reading State Employment Career Fair 2019

Introducing Evan George Posted on Aug 12

Introducing Evan George

Introducing Evan George Written By Evan George I am very excited to join the Massachusetts Office on Disability in my position as the Emergency Preparedness Training Coordinator. From gas leaks in the Merrimack Valley, to tornados in Norton, and coastal flooding across Cape Cod, Massachusetts   …Continue Reading Introducing Evan George

2019 Disability Summit Schedule Posted on Jul 30

2019 Disability Summit Schedule

The Schedule is Here for the 2019 Disability Summit on September 27 at the BCEC! This year’s theme is “Improving Access in Our Communities.” Please visit for information on Directions, Logistics, and Parking. We’ll See You There! #MODSummit19

2019 National ADA Symposium Posted on Jul 23

2019 National ADA Symposium

MOD had the opportunity to attend the 2019 National Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Symposium in June 2019. The Symposium was held in Grapevine, Texas by the Great Plains ADA Center and the ADA National Network. MOD Training and Communication Specialist, Moss Lynch, connected with the   …Continue Reading 2019 National ADA Symposium

2019 Disability Summit Posted on Jul 23

2019 Disability Summit

Tickets for the 2019 Disability Summit are GOING FAST, reserve your spot today! Come network and hear from notable speakers from the Disability Community. This year’s topic is, “Improving Access in Our Communities.” FREE tickets available, while they last, at this link:… …   …Continue Reading 2019 Disability Summit

Jeffrey’s Access Corner: Portable Toilets Posted on Apr 19

In this edition of Jeffrey’s Access Corner, I want to discuss what the obligations are under both the 2006 revision of the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board’s rule and regulations (MAAB) and the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act Design Standards (2010 ADADS) when it comes to   …Continue Reading Jeffrey’s Access Corner: Portable Toilets

Addiction, Recovery and the ADA Posted on Apr 8

The Americans with Disabilities Act ensures that people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. This includes people with addiction to alcohol, and people in recovery from opioid and substance use disorders. To help people understand their rights and responsibilities, a   …Continue Reading Addiction, Recovery and the ADA

Assistive Technology Development Updates Posted on Apr 1

Individuals with disabilities are gaining even more independence as assistive technology further develops. These assistive technologies are helping individuals to engage and work more comfortably in everyday tasks, conversation, and in a professional environment. A vital assistive technology program that is aiding individuals with disabilities   …Continue Reading Assistive Technology Development Updates