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Accessible On-Street Parking Posted on Oct 12

Accessible On-Street Parking

In an earlier post, we discussed accessibility requirements for off-street parking. Now, this post will address the provision of accessible on-street parking. While the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board (MAAB) and the 1991 and 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design (1991/2010 ADA Standards) have very specific regulations regarding off-street accessible parking, these regulations do not extend their jurisdiction to on-street accessible parking spaces.

Accessible Parking Laws for Public Lots Posted on Dec 23

Accessible Parking Laws for Public Lots

Accessible parking is essential to enable individuals with disabilities to participate in community life.  Availability of parking with accessible features allows persons with certain limitations to access businesses, schools, medical facilities, places of employment, etc. This post will discuss designated accessible, also known as “handicapped,” parking provisions   …Continue Reading Accessible Parking Laws for Public Lots

Disability Parking Violations & Abuse: What You Can Do Posted on Sep 18

MOD often hears from concerned callers reporting violation of disability parking regulations asking what they can do to combat the problem.

Disability parking violation is certainly a serious issue that can take various forms. This post will outline some typical violations.

Federal Highway Administration Does Not Support “Dynamic” Symbol of Accessibility Posted on Jul 28

Federal Highway Administration Does Not Support “Dynamic” Symbol of Accessibility

A new, “dynamic” design featuring the image of a person with a disability actively engaged in forward motion has been proposed. Advocates for this symbol argue that the International Symbol is outdated, portraying people with disabilities as passive and dependent on wheelchairs. Although many places and institutions are already using the active symbol, no alternative to the International Symbol has been formally adopted. In May 2015, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) released an official interpretation of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways (MUTCD) on alternative designs of the accessibility symbol.